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LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2014


Yeah, I’m a little late with this month’s LHL due to trying to come get back to normal following the holidays and going mortal kombat style fighting off colds and/or the flu. Also, I’ve been a little busy doing some behind the scene working trying to code a new visual presentation (a.k.a new design) for Stained Couture. Remember, coding can suck your life away.

Back to business and this month’s Lust Have List. For the past couple of months, I’ve felt very motivated to becoming a better me and sometimes that means simplifying other areas in your life to improve others. Blah, blah, and some more blah. Anyway, here is the small, but needed list of things I’m lusting for this month. Cheers!

  • Charlotte Olympia ‘Libra’ Flats, $695, Nordstrom – Anyone who knows me know that I love anything that has to doing with my zodiac sign of Libra. Yeah, I’m  proud a Libra and so I was beyond stoke to see these adorable zodiac flats from Charlotte Olympia. I guess I’m starting to catch feelings for her shoes, huh? I love the soft pistachio hue with the glitzy of the Libra scales embroidery on the toes. Plus, the gold detail on the heel is a very nice touch. What I’m not to stoked about? That price! Sheesh.
  • Chiffon Dress, $34.95, H&M – I know it’s hard to see due the crapload of winter weather we’ve been experiencing, even here in Memphis, but Spring is right around the corner. So, it’s almost time to start thinking about spring wardrobes. Better yet, transitioning to spring wardrobes. A taupe chiffon dress seems like a easy way. The color and material is soft enough for the warm breeze of Spring, but can easily be cold weather friendly when paired with some tights, boots, and an oversized boyfriend sweater. Tah-dah!
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, $13.72, Amazon.com – This is a classic book that was first published in 1990, but still has feet over 20 years later. Since I’m trying to be a more effective person, this seems right up my alley. FYI: My reading list has been on point lately!
  • Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, $24, Origins – I’m a HUGE fan of charcoal masks, because I have a problem with large pores and these masks seem to do the trick. I tried this mask back in college and I remember it being amazing. Unfortunately, mostly broke college students don’t have the luxury to splurge every other month on charcoal masks. However, occasionally broke career  women, such as myself can type this on their to-buy list in their overpriced, but much-needed smartphones while waiting for their equally overpriced and delicious coffee at Starbucks. Yeah, I’m buying this after work. I feel like I miss it and want to see if the magic is still there.
  • Vintage Tan Alba Hobo bag, $160, TopShop – Big. Vintage. Tan. Perfect!

Stay Stylish!

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It’s NYE! I’m so excited…that this year is almost over! That’s for another time.

Even though I have to work today on NYE, I’m having a NYE party thrown at my house tonight and I still don’t know what I’m wearing. Nothing too glitzy or too casual. I would love to fall on the border line of Jessica Rabbitt meets family Christmas dinner. That’s random.

Anyway, while looking at pieces to get inspiration of what I might be able to concoct in my closet, I ran across these Charlotte Olympia Sweet Dolly heels. I mean, straight cavities in the form of a pair of fabulous baby blue/ periwinkle suede pumps with 6 in. and 1.5 gold platforms with a detachable anklet that looks like those candy bracelets I used to beg the neighborhood candy lady to keep in stock when I was a little girl. So sweet, but chic with the removal of the anklets.

Hmm, these fall on the border of Jessica Rabbit on Easter Sunday, don’t you think?

Stay Stylish!

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