IN MY BAG: Summer 2018

Summer isn’t over, yet. We still have another month or so before we can officially welcome fall. However, now that the weather is trying to cool down and kids are back in school, it might as well be fall. I’m not going to miss much about summer, because it was hot and stressful. However, one thing I will miss is the bag I carried for most of the summer, which is also my favorite thing I bought recently. Although it wasn’t big, you wouldn’t believe all things that I would have in my bag at any given time.


The bag I carried most of the summer is round straw bag by Hat Attack. When I saw it online, I thought it was white with silver detail. However, it’s actually a really light gray with silver straw. I love it and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. However, keep reading for all the details on what’s been lurking in my bag all summer.

IN MY BAG: Summer 2018

IN MY BAG: Summer 2018 (Inside) | STAINED COUTURE

  • Makeup Bag – Mostly filled with eye products, a contour and highlight crayon, a few nudish pink lip liners and glosses. I also keep my It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil backup lash curler, and travel sized edge control.
  • Allergy Stuff – My allergies were acting a plum fool this year and even caused me to get a nasty head cold earlier this summer. Summer colds are the worst and me super combative for the rest of the summer. I kept allergy pills, nasal spray, and drug store pain reliever pills in my purse at all times. I was not going to let those allergies get the best of me twice!
  • Face Mist – The heat this summer was diabolical and I feel that’s an understatement. This Avian facial spray came in handy so many times, especially when I felt my skin was sizzling and to keep my makeup mostly in tact.
  • Gold Hoops – Gold hoops can make even the most basic face and bland outfit look like an attempt. Since they are the main earring style I wear, mainly in the summer, I just kept 2 pair in my purse. This was a brilliant idea, because there were many mornings were I left the house without a single piece of jewelry. All I had to do was swim a pair out of my purse and viola’ – I look complete.
  • SPF – I ran out of the SPF that I keep in my purse and replaced it with the Neutrogena one that I keep on my desk.This is my favorite SPF that I always buy, because it’s that good.

What were some items that you kept in your bag all summer? Share below!

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