IOTW: Perfect Edges On the Go

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product we’re currently loving. This week: Cream of Nature Perfect Edges On The Go

ITEM OF THE WEEK | Creme of Nature Perfect Edges On The Go

This summer’s heat has been pretty unbearable most days. Having to deal with sweltering humidity, keeping the A/C on all day, and pushing my natural deodorant to the limits is exhausting. However, one area in my life that has been tested repeatedly by this heat is my hair line a.k.a my edges. First off, the hair on my hairline is a lot courser than the rest of my hair. So, even the slightest mist of moisture makes it frizz up. Thankfully, there are plenty of products to help us keep our hairlines slick and in formation.

Unfortunately, this heat has been testing even the strongest of gels and edge control. One a recent sticky hot summer day, my edges started to loosen, lift, and unravel by noon. Therefore, on my lunch break, I raced to the nearest drugstore where I picked up this gem; Perfect Edges On The Go. When I tell you this little tube has saved me from looking like wet rat by the hairline of plently of occasions, you wouldn’t believe me. However, keep reading to see why this is my Item of The Week!

Creme of Nature’s Perfect Edges is one of my favorite edges controls, because it doesn’t make my hair look stiff and dry thanks to it containing argan oil. Since I loved the Perfect Edges in the jar, I thought I would equally love this one. I was wrong, because I love the “On the Go” one even more. Mainly, because it’s so easy to grab and go; slide it in your jean pocket and go. Since it’s about the same size as a tube of Carmex, I can keep a tube in my makeup bag. However, I have to make sure it’s edge control I’m putting on my hair and not lip gloss. I would die!

I love that it has a doe foot applicator, but with a wider hole. However, since the consistency is a little thick, it’s easy to control how much comes out. Remember, you only need a little edge control unless you want unnecessary buildup.

In all, ultimately, what makes this product so great is that it’s an awesome edge control in travel-size and easy use. I bought mine at Walgreens, but they are probably available at most retailers that sell Creme of Nature products.

Have you tried Creme of Nature’s Perfect Edges? Or share, your favorite edge control below.

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