Lust-Have List: JANUARY 2013


Woohoo….we made it to 2013! I’m oh-so optimistic about this year, because you might have noticed from posts (and lack of posts) last year, that 2012 wasn’t one of the best years I’ve had. However, the silver lining in my tornado year was that I was able to learn a crap load of valuable lessons. A serious crap load!

Anyway, new year, new month, and new lust-have list. I will say that I’m not really itching to conquer much this month, but there are some things that I’m eyeballing and here they are!

  • A. Eddie Borgo Ionized Lotus Cone Bracelet, $375, Net-A-Porter – Love this bracelet. Initially, it looks like it would be a big, bright piece of arm candy. However, it’s actually pretty dainty on the wrist and adds a subtle punch of color to a bare wrist and outfit or mingle effortless among a wrist full of bracelets and other pieces.
  • B. Vogue Cropped T-Shirt, $75, Fancy – Perfect tee to wear while reading Facebook. lol
  • C. Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie, $16, American Apparel – My brother and sister-in-law got me a Long Hair Chihuahua, whom I’ve named Pepe’, for Christmas. I love his stinky self, and I do mean stinky, so much. One of the reason I love him is because he doesn’t mind wearing clothes. He even came with a couple of sweaters and a doggie wife-beater tank. I can’t wait to break that out in the spring. Anyway, as soon as I saw this online, it dawned on me that he might want a hoodie. I never thought I would become one of those people that dressed their dogs, but hey, Pepe’ came with a sense of fashion…okay? I’m just helping him out or at least that’s what I like to tell myself.
  • D. Knitted Cropped Sweater, $60, TopShop – That blue is just so mesmerizing! Not too mention, it looks incredible warm and comfy!
  • E. Contrast Platform Wedges , $29.80, Forever 21 – Yep, all the spring stuff is starting to trickle out and it’s helping decide what styles and trends I might want to test out. While I’m still making that list, I’m all about these platform wedges from Forever 21. They have a little retro vibe to them that I’m fancying right now,
  • F. Jeffrey Campbell The Bladz Boot, $550, KarmaLoop – I was torn about adding these boots to the Lust-Have List, because they deserve a post all to themselves. However, fudge it! These might be the most expensive pair of JC shoes I’ve seen and they look to be worth the money and the serious lusting and drooling that I’ve been doing for them. They look EPIC, but…I need to see them in person just so that I know that these feelings I’m having for them are worth it.

Stay Stylish!

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