Minor Life Tweaks I Recently Made

Whenever I feel like I’ve plateaued or at a standstill in life, I look for minor life tweaks I can make.

Recent Minor Life Tweaks | STAINED COUTURE

It still astounds me when even the smallest change can make sure a huge difference. Keep reading to see what minor changes I’ve made recently in my life. Okay, maybe one is a little major, but whatever.

Minor Life Tweaks: Lighter and Shorter Hair

After months, maybe years, of wanting to go lighter with my hair; I did it! Unfortunately, like with most drastic changes, other obstacles popped up. One thing that happened was that I ended up having to get over 2 inches of hair cut off. In the matte of seconds, I went from mid back to barely shoulder length.

There were a couple of reasons that I had to unexpectedly do this. One reason was the usual reason; split ends. Not only were my ends were split, but my hair was uneven. So, snip snip.

The other reason I had to cut my hair is also the reason I had to cut so much. Up until late last year, I had been getting my hair dyed jet black for a couple of years. I stopped getting it dyed last fall when I finally decided that I was going to go lighter. So, when my hair went fully light, the ends that had been dyed jet black multiple times looked wack. The root to mid shaft was a warm blonde, but the bottom 2-3 inches was a reddish orange. So, again, snip snip.

I’ve never been one to go into deep despair when I have to cut my ends. However, I haven’t had to style short hair in a long time. So, it’s been a little difficult relearning how to style shorter hair. Plus, it’s been so hot, that I’ve mainly been throwing in sad bun and keeping pushing on. Thankfully, my hair tends to grow back fast and I’m hoping that it’ll least be past my shoulder by end December.

Minor Life Tweaks: Olive Oil My Life

Yep, more hair talk. When I went lighter, I knew my hair wasn’t going to look or feel the same. Mainly, I knew it was going to be a little drier, but I didn’t expect it to feel like hay. It was so stressful not being able to style my hair or to find the right products. There were a few inner tantrums and an Instastory rant that caused my stylist to have to do an emergency treatment on my hair. However, after prayer, deep thinking, and deep conditioning; I decided to revisit some products that I used to use when I was first going natural. Before me and everyone else was slathering coconut oil on everything that stressed us out, there was olive oil.

I was to coat my hair with olive oil and slap on a disposable shower cap for 12-24 hours. Afterwards, I would use a hydrating shampoo and then deep condition with a packet of ORS Olive Oil deep conditioner. I used to do this over 10 years ago, before there were so many brands for natural hair. However, my olive oil process helped make my transitioning hair soft and manageable.

Although I did try this process on my new lighter hair, but with coconut oil instead – it just didn’t work. So, I went back to olive oil and my hair feels and looks so much better. I even went back to using olive oil for other things in beauty life that I was using coconut oil for, such as to remove eye makeup and moisturize my skin. So far, so good.

Minor Life Tweaks: Cleaned Up The Blog

You might have noticed that I changed the header on the blog. If not, scroll up. I did love the previous header, but I wanted something a little cleaner. Recently, I’ve been really trying to hone in what I post about and why. Even though I appreciated style blogs; Stained Couture isn’t a style blog. I’m a writer by trade and hobby, which means I love to share informative information. Therefore, I wanted let everyone know what to expect when they stumble on my site with as simple tagline: Informative. Lifestyle. Inspirations.

I created the new header on a site called DesignEvo, which is an online logo maker. They have over 5,000 designed templates to choose from, which are all fully customizable. So, you can pick a template and change the fonts, colors, and even change the size of each element. I got the plus package, which means I can re-edit it and download it as many times as I like.

Another change I made is to the site is to temporarily remove the newsletter sign-in. At the moment, I don’t have the desire or time to create and send out newletters. Although it’s one of those things that I want to do, I just don’t want to do it at this moment. So, I removed the sign-up from the sidebar, but it’ll be back in the next couple of months. Plus, I have to redesign the look since I’ve changed the logo and tagline.

Sometimes you have to step back and reassess somethings in order to have a huge payoff.

Have you made any in minor life tweaks recently? If so, share below!

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