Coconut Oil Saved My Edges and More

Last week, I felt like I was living on an arctic tundra. Take it that I’ve never been on an arctic tundra, but I imagine it resembled my city last week. All the snow, ice, and below freezing temperatures proved too much for my hair, skin, and nails. After trying every product I owned that claimed to hydrate and moisturize, there was only one product that did; coconut oil. When you have a closet full of beauty products in luxe packaging with claims to blow your mind, you can forget about that jar white solid oil in the pantry.

everyday beauty uses for coconut oil

To be honest, coconut oil has been transforming my life, inside and out, for years now. However, I use it more for my exterior than interior. Keep reading to see the ways that this miraculous oil has been upgrading my everyday life.

Coconut Oil: Hydrated My Edges

Although most of hair can look hydrated and soft, my edges tend to look dry and brittle. Plus, when the temperature starts to drop, my hairline gets dry and flaky. After trying some of my favorite edge tamers, I found that using a little bit of coconut oil helped my edges look moisturized and feel softer. Also, if I wanted that slick look, I just mixed a pinch of it with an olive oil gel. Worked like a charm.

Not to mention, coconut oil is a lot more gentle on the hair than some edge tamers and more hydrating than most gels.

Coconut Oil: Moisturized My Skin

Recently, I noticed that my skin was not as hydrated and soft in the morning, which made it look dull. Therefore, I decided to replace my night time moisturizer with coconut oil and massaged it into my face for a one minute. The next morning, I woke up with soft and glowing skin that didn’t look oily.

After I get out of the shower, I slather random handfuls on my skin to moisturize and soften my skin. However, I tend to only do this during the colder months for added moisture to combat the cold, dry air.

Coconut Oil: Softened My Hands and Cuticles

First of all; I need new gloves. I lost mine while trying to a do a mad dash through the grocery store to buy bread before the snow. Typical Memphian. Unfortunately, the only gloves I had left were my knit pair that disappear in March and magically reappear in November. Although they are cute, they aren’t ideal for extreme cold and can’t protect your hands from drying out. I ran out of my go-to hand cream that seem to keep my hands soft, moisturized, and fragrant 365 days a year.

I bought a pack of small container jars last year and still had plenty left. So, I filled a couple of them with coconut oil to use when my hands fill dry. I have one in my purse, car, night stand, and my desk at work. If you want to do this, don’t fill up the jars all the way, because the oil melts in warm conditions and will ruin your day. So, just put a little in the jar and keep in cool areas. This little jar will also help you on days when you notice your hair ends could use a little moisture, which is everyday for me.

What are some of your favorite ways you use coconut oil in your beauty routine? Share below!

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