Rehoming Pets When Moving and Other Things

It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve moved, but I’m getting more settled in each day. However, before I could even move, I had to makes some decisions like bedroom numbers, learning about rehoming pets, and no less than pinning hundreds of thousands of sofas on Pinterest.

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Of course, with any move, there are some major decisions you have to make before moving. For me, there were 3 main things that I had to decide. I shared these three key factors, so keep reading.

Before I even settled on a place, I had to decide how many bedrooms I wanted. I live alone, which means one bedroom would work. However, I wanted and needed some dedicated office space. Yeah, I could’ve just made a little nook in the living room, but a closed door is great. So, 2 bedroom it was. Now, I just need to do is actually set up the office. Plus, the price difference between a 1 and 2 bedroom was only $30. That just meant that I had to make my own coffee at home a few days a week.

When I decided to move, I had to think about my beloved, old, territorial chihuahua, Pepe! I got him as gift over 5 years ago and despite his desire to just lay around all day and bark at every single thing, I had to think about him. Although, I would’ve loved to bring him with me, my apartment is on the third floor and he isn’t as nimble as he used to be. So, I didn’t want him to have to deal with going up and down so many stairs a day.

He’s staying with my sister and in the house he was used to for over 5 years. He has a backyard and my sister’s dog, who he still can’t stand. It’s love/hate relationship. Thankfully, I had family member to take him, but I could’ve always rehomed him. Rehoming is when you find another loving home for your pet. One can find a new home for a pet on websites like, which is great for rehoming pets. Of course, I could’ve found someone to rehome my chihuahua, but glad he’s got to stay put.

The biggest decision I had to make was buying all new furniture, which I still need to do. UGH. Other than not owning a microwave, I still haven’t bought a sofa. However, it’s allowing me to be more selective of my perfect sofa. Seriously, I’m at the age that investing in good sofa seems so necessary. Plus, if the universe aligns, I might be able to find my dream sofa for a dream price. *fingers crossed*

Of course, there are so many other things to consider before moving. However, these are the main ones that plague me for weeks and still.

What’s something you had to do before last move? Is rehoming pets an issue for you, too?

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