Benefits of Not Owning A Microwave

I’ve only been living in my new place for a little over a month and barely have any furniture. Aside from furniture, I also need a to get few more appliances as well, including a coffee maker. However, one kitchen appliance that I don’t plan on getting anytime soon is a microwave. This is the first time in my whole life that I’ve lived in a home without a microwave. Despite being sans access to a microwave for the first time in decades, I’ve discovered some benefits of not owning a microwave.

Benefits of Not Owning A Microwave | STAINED COUTURE

Yes, there are some benefits of having this somewhat kitchen staple and some of them are really good reasons. Keep reading to find out these benefits.

One of the best things I’ve discovered about not owning a microwave is that it can improve eating habits. Yes, no microwave has improved what types of food I eat. Since, I don’t have a microwave, I don’t have a way to heat up food that you can “cook” in a microwave. Let’s be honest, most microwaveable food is over processed and full of sodium. So, I mostly buy real food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and meat. Yes, I can cook “bad” without a microwave, but it’s not easy to reheat those foods.

Speaking of reheating, no microwave has helped me not cook too much food. Although I don’t mind leftovers, I prefer not to have so much leftover that I have to eat the same thing for days in row. Plus, if I don’t eat all the food in a certain time, I will have to toss it out. Tossing out leftover food is basically throwing away money.

Finally, microwaves can take up a lot of counter space, which is hard to come by in some kitchens. Although I have the space for a microwave, I don’t thing it’s worth giving up valuable kitchen space. Instead, I can use that space to cut up fresh vegetables or a fancy coffee maker that I have my eye.

A bonus reason to not own a microwave is that they suck to have to clean. I mean, things spill, splatter, and stink all up in there. So, there’s that, too.

Have you ever thought about not owning a microwave? Share below!

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