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This past weekend, while strutting out of Sprouts feeling $20 lighter with bag of attempts to be healthy, I heard metal hitting the ground. I instantly stopped and looked down even though I already knew what made that sound. The sound was my keys detaching from my wallet. Before I left my house, I noticed that they fabric holding the key ring on my wallet was tattered and falling apart. At that moment, I knew that my beloved Rebecca Minkoff wallet/ key chain hybrid didn’t have long. However, I did not realize that it had less than an hour left and I would spend the rest of my night looking for keychain wallets.

Keychain Wallets | STAINED COUTURE

On Sunday, while binging Broadchurch on Netflix and avoiding the rain outside, I started pricing and comparing new keychain wallets. I have a few in mind that I didn’t mind sharing with you below.

Before I decided to look for a new keychain wallet, I did contemplate going back to a traditional wallet separate from my keys. However, I love the convenience of having my keys and wallet together. Being able to leave the house with a simple grab of my keys and knowing that I have everything I need is so convenient and comfortable.


I’ll always be a sucker for any and all “gold” accessories, including this Mackage Taj Card Case. I love the slender look, but it looks like there isn’t enough space for cash. It looks more like a card holder with a key ring. However, I rarely carry cash anyway. So, this is still a good contender.

Rebecca Minkoff Bi-Fold Key Ring Wallet | KEYCHAIN WALLETS

I really loved my Rebecca Minkoff key ring wallet and contemplated getting the same wallet, but in a different color. However, I noticed that Rebecca Minkoff now offers another style of key ring wallets. I think I prefer the clean look of this one over the original style.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Mercer Coin Purse | KEYCHAIN WALLETS

Although I love a bright accessory that stands out, you can never go wrong by keeping it neutral. The simplicity and chicness of this MICHAEL Michael Kors Mercer is quite easy to want. Unlike the previous 2 options, this one comes with a wristlet strap for easier carrying. Looks can be deceiving, because a key ring does come with this wallet. However, it’s inside the wallet to key your keys out of sight. I’m not to sure I like that design, but we’ll see.

Which of these keychain wallets do you prefer? Share your pick below!

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