Perricone M.D. Cold Plasma + Perricone Coupon


The Stained Couture giveaway train is still rolling and the next gift falling off the train is Perricone M.D.’s Cold Plasma. The new year is approaching and now would be a great time to upgrade and/or work on your skincare regimen.

Personally, I have been using Perricone Amine Face Lift Complex and High Potency Eye Lift for the past couple of months and my skin looks so incredible. I was getting to that age were I needed to incorporate anti-aging products in my regimen and these two have really helped me regain a youthful glow.

I will admit that I am going to be super jealous of whoever wins this, because my skin is just screaming to try this! Cold Plasma benefits anyone of any age.

If you are tired of failing products that promise you better skin and feel that Cold Plasma might just be  what your skin is crying for, then you definitely need to enter.

In order to win, all you have to do is:

  • Leave your name and location in the comment section
  • AND tell me why you need this product


Visit their website to find out about specials and Perricone coupons.

Stay Stylish!

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Stained Couture


  1. What a great giveaway! I’ve heard a lot of Perricone and how fantastic the products are for your skin. I’m very excited to get the chance to possibly try a Perricone product without having to shell out the big bucks!

  2. Kristin Young, Memphis, TN

    I’m 42, still holding onto some incredible skin (thankyouverymuch) but winter pulls a number on me, outside and inside (blasts from Mr. Frost & blasts from MLGW HVAC system as old as Frankenstein). I need a great cream moisturizer and it needs me.

  3. I’ve heard such great things about Perricone and Cold Plasma. Only problem is — it’s been too expensive to buy just to try out. I’d love to win this!

  4. I live in Pittsburgh – the weather here is terrible. Humid one day, 10 degrees the next. So my location and the reason I need the product are one and the same!!!!

  5. I live near Columbus OH. I could use this because at 40+ yrs and years of un-wise tanning practices in my youth, my complexion really needs a boost. This would help with some of the problems I am facing right now.
    rjs682 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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