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You may recall, that I recently tried one of the body deodorants by Lume. Although the deodorant had pros and cons, in the end, I was impressed with the product. Actually, I as so imprfeI wanted to give the Lume Body Wash a try.

Lume Body Wash Review | STAINED COUTURE

If you’re interested in my thoughts on this body wash, keep reading!

Let me do a quick recap and update on the Lume deodorant. When I initially, tried it, I like it. Unfortunately, the Rose scent started to smell a little bit like BO. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad and I was able to tolerate it, but I still planned to eventually try another scent. However, after a couple of weeks of using it, the smell of the deodorant started to make me gag. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I would actually gag. In order for me to use it, I would have to hold my breath and quickly apply it. Yet, the smell would still be in the air.

You may be wondering, why would I still use this if it caused me to do all that? Well, because it actually works! Everytime I used it, I never experienced any hint of body odor and that’s impressive in this heat. Since I only applied the deodorant to areas that aren’t under my nose all day, it was a tempory issue.  As I mentioned, I will keep using it until it’s all gone, but I will get a new scent. Actually, I already know I’m going to get the Clean Tangerine. because it’s the same scent I got in the body wash. Now, let’s talk about this bosy wash.

One day, I ran across a TikTok of woman reviewing Lume products but with an emphasis on the Lume Acidfied Body Wash. After hearing that review and reading about the ingredients, I felt like I should give it a try. Since she also has curvier body; her review held more clout for me. So, I picked up the body washy in Clean Tangerine, which does smell like tangerines. Honestly, it smells like a hand soap from when I was in elementary school. That’s actually a compliment, because it’s clean, citrus scent.

The body wash is formulated to not only clean, but also control body odor. It’s also been proven to help remove body odor better than most soaps. You can also use it everywhere – even “there”! Don’t worry – it’s gynecologist-tested. This body wash has AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which I know helps clean and unplog pores in skincare. So, I’m sure it helps do the same thing in this body wash, which removes the cause of potential body odor.

The Lume bosy wash also lowers the ph environment to make the scent last longer. I definitely felt and smelled clean the entire day, which made me realize that most body washes don’t do that. Something else this body wash did was make the deodorant work better. Well, this is my opinion, because I felt fresher and longer throughout the day.

In the end, this body wash did and does what it says.

Have you tried the Lume Body Wash or any other products from Lume? Share below.

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