LINK-END ROUND-UP: December 1, 2023

LINK-END ROUND-UP: December 1, 2023


I seriously can’t believe it’s December and this year is almost dunzo. Let me stop, because the thought is giving me anxiety.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Link-End Round-Up, but I was experiencing some technical issues. That’s the main reason I haven’t been posting, but also life has been doing the most. I guess that’s normal for this time of year.

I’ve been working on getting into the holiday spirit – I did get my tree up! Unfortunately, my tree isn’t sparking the same joy it did last year. I think I know why and what would fix it, which I’m going to try to do this weekend. Also, going to make sure my favorite Christmas movies are playing for inspiration. 😀

At the moment, my weekend plans include a possible nail appointment and going to see  Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ movie with my bestie. So far, it’s panning out to be a nice weekend. I hope you enjoy your weekend and check out the links in this week’s Link-End Round-Up. Honestly, I think all of these reads are really good.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: December 1, 2023

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