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Oh, Lexington…

My mind and heart have agreed that when it comes to watches, Michael Kors can do no wrong. I mean, I don’t need to repeatedly remind you all how obsessed I am with MK watches. Me and my Jet Set Iconic MK-5305 watch have been pretty much inseparable since I got it 2 years ago and I’ve been dying to buy a new one, but still haven’t. The main reason is because all the styles I want look to similar to one that I already have. However, that has changed, because the latest style from Michael Kors is oh so lovely.

The Lexington is definitely a classic and timeless timepiece. I’m loving the clean lines, silhouette and the unisex feel. Not to mention, it’s available in gold, silver, and rose gold. Okay, prepare to clutch your pearls, but can you believe that I, ultimate “golden girl” when it comes to jewelry, am actually fawning over the silver one?!  Chile…I can’t believe it, but I am. Maybe, because it looks so chic and elegant and/or maybe its because I need a silver watch and this one is too classic to pass  up. I dunno….

Stay Stylish!


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Michael Kors Spring 2012

Muted Safari Greens

Although I thought I was over the whole safari looks, Michael Kors spring collection has kind of changed my mind with it’s luxe mix of intricate dye jobs and exotic skins.

I also loved the rich pops of yellow and orange lightly scattered through the collection and the touches of cream and crochet.

Keep reading to see some of my favorite looks from the collection.

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Me? Want A Black Watch?!

I’ve never been a fan of black tennis shoes or black watches. I don’t know, but they just always seem to butch and masculine for such a girlie chica, like myself.  So, the thought of me liking a black watch seems a little absurb to me, but leave it to good ol’ Michael Kors has his amazing watches to make me change my 29 year old stance against black watches.

MK’s matte black ‘Runway” silicone and baguette watch and ‘Madison’ resin and crystal watch are definitely worth giving up my personal “No Black Watches” campaign.

Although spring and summer are approaching and gold and bright colored watches are more acceptable, it’s hard to not to want one of these watches!

Stay Stylish!

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