WEEKEND AT HOME: Making Care Packages for the Homeless


We are entering the holiday season, which is traditionally known for giving, as a whole. We also have a larger heart for those who are doing without, including the homeless.

So, this weekend, join me in this challenge that I’ve been meaning to do for the past 2 or 3 years. Look at the picture above, get all of the products above, ranging from bottle water, knit beanies, and personal hygiene products and place one of each item in a gallon zip lock bag and. You can keep stocked bags in your trunk and sporadically pass them out to homeless people and/or take some to a church or shelter that helps the homeless.

You could buy a lot these items in bulk at warehouse stores and spend this weekend packing up each ziplock. This bag might cost $20 for us, but to the right personal this time of year could be priceless…and make you feel warm, good, and appreciative of your life.

Stay Stylish!


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