Things I’ve Done to Improve My Mental State

Recently, paying attention to my mental health has been very important to me since the pandemic started. I know I’m o

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So, keep reading if you are on the hunt for things to help improve your mental health.

Improve My Mental State: Strenghten Relationships

For the past couple of years, one thing I’m super grateful to have is a strong support system. Honestly, my friends are top tier – small but powerful. I have individual friends that we hang out one-on-one. One of these friends, is an introvert like me and text here and there. We recently decide to start meeting for breakfast at least once a month, but holidays and sick days have caused us to miss the past couple of months. However, it’s still standing appointment that we both look forward to getting back to doing regularly.

Now my best friend, I see her multiple times throughout the month for impromptu Target and Trader Joe’s run. Not to mention, we text everyday, as well as send each other TikTok and IG reels throughtout the day. She’s my best friend and she’s the only one that knows everything that’s going on in my life and I mean everything. She has all my secrets. lol

Finally, my group chat of other friends is my praying circle. Of course, we have some laughs, but a couple of ladies are going through a trying season. So, we have been circling them and uplifting them, because we geniunely care and love each other – in good and bad times. Now, if we could only get our schedules to align so that we can hug and laugh in person. It’ sooo long since we’ve all been together at the same time. However, I think we are finally going to get it to happen within the next couple of months.

Improve My Mental State: Move More

A couple of years ago, in the middle typical humid hot summer, I randomly decided to go start walking. Actually, did it to process some feelings I was having about someone, which it did help. However, it also helped me learned that a nice brisk walk can cure any emotional or mental distress I may be going through. By the end of the summer, I was going on 4-5 30+ minute walks a week. Thankfully, the walks help cure those feeling and maybe even helped me drop a couple of pounds. I stopped, because the weather started getting cool and my walking trail started to have snake sighting. So, I wrapped that up and haven’t really been able to get back on schedule.

However, I recently started doing in-home weight training and stretching and I’ve been getting the itch to go start walking again. So, maybe I’ll lace up my walking shoes sooner than later.

Improve My Mental State: Mindful Eating

Although I didn’t start walking to improve my physical health, it did help. Now if only I had been more mindful with my eating, ya’ll probably wouldn’t be able to tell me anything. Just kidding!  After my recent fast of meats, I found myself still gravitating to non-meat meals. I even found a salad that I don’t mind making and devouring multiple times a week. I’ve cut back on the consumption of meats, especially processed meats. Also, finding healthier option so cure my occasional sugar craving and intermittent fsating. Still, I don’t deprive myself of things when I’m craving it, because I rarely crave bad things as much. Still, it’s a work in process.

Improve My Mental State: Cut Back on Coffee

Speaking of cutting back, I’ve also cut back on coffee. I fasted off of cofee with meat, which helped me not feel like I need it everyday. If you know, you know I’m a coffee girl. Iced coffee is one of my jams and my “location” on Twitter. However, I felt it was starting to stir up my anxiety instead of giving me a small boost of energy. I’ve cut back on coffee so much that I gave my coffee maker to my sister, because she and her fiance’ needed one. Sure, I’ve had a cup of iced coffee a coupe of times, but it no longer does it for me.

In place of coffee, I’ve been been more into iced chai teas which helped me when I was fasting off of coffee. I but the Tavo concentrate and use the oatmilk and soy milk caramel creamer by Starbucks and it gets me going.

Improve My Mental State: Exploring

As an introvert with anxiety, I rarely like trying new things, let alone looking for new things to try. Yet, here I am. I’m started to step out of my comfort zone and look to do things that interest me. I mean, even if I try it and realize I’m good on not doing it ever again…at least I tried.

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