Lume Body Deodorant Review

Lume Body Deodorant Review

LUME Deordorant Review | STAINED COUTURE

In this month’s Lust-Have List, I mentioned how I wanted to give Lume a try. Well, that same day, I picked up a tube to give it a try. It’s been a week and I think that’s enough time to share my take on this full body deodorant.

I first heard about Lume a few months ago on a commercial. Honestly, I was immediately not interested, because deodorant for your whole body sounded weird. I mean the concept sounded great, because you could use it anywhere that you sweat. Still,  my mind coudn’t grasp doing it.

However, my best friend gave it a try a couple of months ago and immediately started raving about it. So, I decided to give it a try, because it had some of the same qualities that I liked about natural deordorants. Unfortunately, natural deodorants don’t last long in terms of odor protection, which turns people away from using them. I’ve had great experiences with natural deodorants, but they become an issue in the hotter months.

Now that it’s getting warmer, I decided to go ahead and give Lume a try. Lume comes in a cream formula or solid like traditional deodorants. I decided to try the cream version, because I could apply it like a lotion. With the cream, you only need to apply a pea-size amount, which helps since the bottle is small for the price. I will honestly say that this worked with preventing body odor to the point I can’t even recall the last time I smelled musty. I’m not a heavy sweater, but I didn’t even get a whiff of must after a one mile walk/hike in 95 degree weather. I was so impressed, that I’ve tried it on other areas of my body that sweat. Hello love handles and intimate areas!

As for the scents;  it comes in unscented, lavender, and rose. I initially ordered the Lavender scent version, but Target gave me the rose scent instead. I love the scent of roses and decide to keep it. Unfortunately, it only vaguely smelled like rose, which was okay. However, after a couple of days, the scent became disgusting. Honestly, it smelled like a soft rose scent trying to cover body odor and this was from smelling it in the tube. Luckily the scent doesn’t last on the body and you can wear your regular perfumes and scented lotions to smell good.

However, since the product work, I told myself that the next time I will try the solid version to see if that helps. At first, I was just going to try the unscented cream version, but my friend said that the unscented version smells horrible, as well. I’m going to still try it, because maybe her pregnancy nose is playing with her. lol

Lume also offer body wipes and body wash, which I may try next, as well.

Have you tried the Lume body deodorant? Thoughts?

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