EMPTIES: August 2023

EMPTIES: August 2023


I have to be honest, it’s taking me some time to get back into the swing of things since my vacation. Also, it doesn’t help that Labor Day weekend felt longer than the vacation. However, I’m trying to do better and decided to start by posting a new Empties post. This is definitely progress since I usually don’t get around to posting it until the middle of the month -if not later.

Still, keep reading to see all of the products I used up last and my final opinion of each product.

As you can tell from the picture, I used up quite a bit of hair products last month. I’m telling you, I’m about this curly hair life and may need to share a post of my product for curly hair. I’ll do that one day, but let’s get into the products I used up last month.

The first product is 1 of 2 products I used from Aunt Jackie last month. This first one is Aunt Jackie Curl La La Defining Curling custard, which is creamy styler for your curls. It’s very creamy can be heavy for finer curls. However, it does a great job with defining the curls without making them hard and crunchy. The other Aunt Jackie product I used up also defines curls, but also elongates.

Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Elongating Curling Gel definitely lived up to the name. This gel does a great job at elongating and defining my curls and it doesn’t make my that hard like most gels. I’m definitely a fan of Aunt Jackie’ products and will be rebuying.

Let’s stay with the hair care products and talk about this Pattern Beauty hair treatment mask. Like the previous products, this mask is to help elongate your curls. I guess, you may be wondering why I used up so many elongating products last month. Well, my hair stylist finally came back from maternity leave and let’s just say my hair was in dire need. For the most part, my hair was pretty good, but my ends? Yeah, they were lomg overdue for a trim and I got it an then some. So, I’m back to my hair growth products and trying to elongate what I do have.

Now, back to this Pattern hair mask, which I’ve had for a couple of years. First of all, it’s a pretty big jar and I’m just now mostly wearing my natural curls. In the end, I did enjoy this product, but it works better when you use the Pattern deep conditioner with it. You have to use a conditioner after using this mask. Trust me.

The last hair product I used up was this Aussie Curl refresher spray, which was very blah. Honestly, most curl refreshers don’t do it for my hair and I just need to stick to good ol’ water and moisturizers.

The only makeup I used up was the Bare Mineral BAREPRO Skin foundation, which was great. I did put it down for a while, because the color got too dark for me. However, the coverage is buildable and made my skin look like skin. I think I’m going to go get color match and try this again.

I used up to perfumes last month; Derek Lam 10 Crosby and Lancome idole perfume. The Derek Lam has a powdery an musk smell, which are notes that turn off a lot of people. However, they blend together so nicely and are very soft. The Lancome idole was my signature scent last summer, because it’s floral with citrus tones. I would definitely buy either of these in the future.

Finally, the skincare products I used up had a repeat empty and another product I’ve had for a while. First up is the repeat; Strivectin Super – C retinol. I believe this is only second time I’ve used this product up and I still loved it. I’ve mentioned before, that this id great for people who want to gently introduce retinoil into their routine. For me, I used it to pep up my skin after neglecting it for while. I used it at night and it helped improve my texture and brighten up my skin. I’ll definitely buy this again, but not sure I’m going to retire it from future EMPTIES posts, yet.

The final product is this ceramide night treatment from The Inkey List. This was an interesting product, because it pretty mcuh replaces your nighttime moisturizer. After you cleanse and apply your serums, you apply this on tip. This acted as moisturizer and helped seal in your serums.  It’s the last product you apply and I actually loved it. Every time I used it, I would wake up to soft skin. Although I enjoyed it, I think I prefer to use a moisturizer. If needed, I would just seal everything with a litte Aquaphor.

Thoughts on the products I used up this EMPTIES post?

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