EMPTIES: July 2023


For a second, it felt like I didn’t use up any products last month. However, a quick peek under my bathroom sink reminded me that I was able to knock out a few. Keep reading to see what products I used up last month and my final opinion.

I’m still on my curly hair kick, which means I’ve been trying and retrying products for curly. The best way to try new products will always be the travel size. I saw this travel size jar of Cantu Coconut Curling cream in Target and decided to grab it. I’ve used and loved many of Cantu curl products over the years, but couldn’t remember if I’ve tried this one. I think the small jar threw my memory off, because I’ve definitely used this before- plenty of times. The great thing about this cream is that it’s moisturizing and does a good job at defining curls without weighing them down. So, I’m going to pick up the full size jar next and try to never forget about it in the future.

Let’s stick with hair and talk about the Tresemme Leave-In Treatment. Personally, I love using leave-in conditioners, but I usally stray from the spray kind. However, this conditioner was on clearance for $2. So, it  felt like that was a perfect reason to buy it. I mostly used this up on days when I would straigthen my hair, but finally used it when I would decide to diffuse my hair. Whenever I know I’m going to add even the smallest amount of heat to my hair, I make sure to add a leave-in conditioner. I really love the way this treatment made my hair feel stronger. Unfortunately, I think this product may be getting discontinued – it was hard to find online. Also, the ones I were able to find appear to be marked up.

This small tube of Joico K-Pak Reconstructor has been in the back of my cabinets for awhile. It’s been back there so long, that Joico redid the packaging. Recently, I had to break it out, because I’d been slacking on taking care of my hair. Plus, I’d ran out of all of my leave-in conditioners – see above. However, this was lowkey a hidden jewel, because it made my hair look and feel like I’d been taking of it. Yep, I would buy it again.

Finally, I tried the e.l.f Power Grip primer with niacinamide, because I love the original one so much. I decide to give this one a try, because niacinamide is good for oily skin. The only difference I could tell was that this version was tackier than the original one. Honestly, you’re good with either option, but I still prefer the first one. Still, I would buy this one again if my first choice isn’t available.

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