EMPTIES: March 2024


I love primers; no matter the season. I picked up this Milani Chill Out primer awhile ago, but just got around to using it up. This primer is thick like a silicone prime, but it’s silicon-free. Although it’s not a sticky, it did help keep my makeup in tact for most of the day. Also, helped blur out pore and other skin imperfections. This a really good drugstore primer and will absolutely buy it again.

The Glossier You scent is one of my faves, because it just smells so good! The first time I smelled was spraying the tester in Sephora while waiting for my online order. It didn’t initially blow me away. So, I didn’t pick it up. However, I sprayed some of it on the wrist of my sweatshirt and kept wondering what smelled so good. After about an hour, I realized it was the Glossier perfume. I’ve always received compliments when I would have it on. It’s a warm clean scent or iris and pink pepper.

My only gripe is that it doesn’t last long, which everyone says. However, they offer it in a solid version, which I hear helps it last a little longer when worn with spray version. I’ll pick them both up next, because I love this scent!

I know this is going to sound weird, but I was addicted to the way Care.e.on hand sanitizer smelled. This sanitizer comes in their Essentials Travel set, but oh how I wish it was available for individual sell.

Another product that I bought a long time ago, but just got around to using up. A clear sign that say that I’ve had this for so long is that they even sell this in pear anymore. I probably picked the pear because it reminded of the pear body lotion that I used to be addicted to in my teens. Nostalgia gets me every time!

Have you tried any of the items from this EMPTIES post? Thoughts are always appreciated.

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