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In case you aren’t aware, April is Earth Month. Also,  Saturday April 22, is Earth Day. This is a time for us to raise awareness about environmental issues that affect our planet. Part of doing this is to also look for ways to help protect our planet. One way to do this is try to be more mindful of using sustainable products in your everyday life. There are many areas in your life that you can find sustainable products, including beauty. Yes, there are plenty of sustainable skincare products and makeup.

Sustainable Skincare Products | STAINED COUTURE

To consider a product or brand sustainable isn’t one dimensional. A product can be considered sustainable because of the ingredients the used or packaging. However, there are brands that use sustainable ingredients and packaging. I’ve created a list of products and brands that offer sustainable beauty and skincare products for you to consider.

Sustainable Beauty: Rebel Refinery refill pods

While sharing my favorite facial sprays, I mentioned my currently favorite is Rebel Refinery face mist. Well, they also offer refills for their lip balms, which are sustainable. It’s helpful to choose products from brands that offer refills for their products. Doing this helps you reuse the same main packaging, while the refill pods are recyclable.

Sustainable Beauty: Glow Recipe pod

Another brand that offers refills is Glow Recipe for their Plum Plump Hyaluronic moisturizer.

Sustainable Beauty: YTTP Future Cream

One of my favorite skincare brands is Youth to the People. Actually, their whole brand is based off of providing quality products that have sustainable ingresdients. Currently, their Future Cream is on my Sephora shopping list, as we speak.

Sustainable Beauty: careon essentials kit

Finally, the brand Care.e.on is completely sustainable – from the ingredients to packaging. I haven’t tried them, but they offer an essentials kit that’s ideal for travelers who are into skincare.

Are you mindful about sustainable skincare and beauty products? Share below!

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