The Best Sunscreens According to Me

I hope y’all know that you’re supposed to wear sunscreen everyday. Please say you know that even if hot or cold and sunny or rainy – you need sunscreen. I still get annoyed that I spent the first half of my life overlooking sunscreen. I seriously used to spend hours on hours outside with no sunscreen. The fact that I still have skin and no skin cancer is proof that my God is an awesome God.However, now that I know better, I’m a huge advocate for sunscreen. There have been times when I forgot to apply sunscreen and went a bought a new one. I have at least 3 different sunscreens at home. Not to mention, I keep that thang in my car  next to my hand sanitizer. When it comes to sunscreen, I don’t play! Now look at me,  I have a list of my personal best sunscreens.

Best Sunscreens According to Me | STAINED COUTURE

Honestly, using sunscreen religiously and everyday is the best skincare product and tip you need. However, if you’re still trying to find the best sunscreen for you, keep reading to see my top 5 at the moment.

I used to think that all sunscreens were all the same. However, over the years, I’ve learned that is not true at all. So, I don’t mind trying new sunscreens every now and then, especially when they come highly recommended. For instances, my esthetician recommended that I try the Elta MD tinted sunscreen. Listen, get you an esthetician that acknowledges your hue and recommends products accordingly. She knew that as a woman of color, the regular would leave a white cast on my skin. So, she told me to avoid it and I did.

My O.G. favorite drugstore sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch 50 – I used to buy them 2 at a time. Actually, I’m planning to go buy a couple after work today. Say what you want, Neutrogena knows how to make some good sunscreen. What I love about this sunscreen is that it goes on sheer and is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. As long as Neutrogena makes this sunscreen, I will buy it.

A new drugstore sunscreen that I recently tried and love is Cerave Moisturizing Sheer Tint Sunscreen. For a minute, I was starting to doubt that the hype about Cerave sunscreens, because I kept trying ones that left a white overcast. Thankfully, I didn’t give up and found this gem. The tint isn’t great, but it’s not white on me. *shrugs*

If you have dry skin and need some extra luminous to your skin, Supergoop Glowscreen will do just that. So, I have combination/oily skin, which means I don’t use this often. However, I did use this on more than one occasion during the winter. Also, on those rare days I go bare face, I use this as highlighter on top of my all over sunscreen. In my opinion, you can never go use too much sunscreen.

Currently, I’m about to use up Lancome Aquagel Sunscreen and I plan to squeeze out ever squirt possible. Yep, it’s that good. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of products that claim to be multiple things, but this not one of them. This sunscreen also acts as a moisturizer and skin primer, which it does. Personally, I would’ve been mad if it wasn’t, because it comes in a small-sh bottle and for $40. I

As a black woman with a fair complexion, I admit that I can usually find a sunscreen that works for me. However, if you have more melanin and need some good recommendations for sunscreen for darker skin, my girl Danielle at The Style and Beauty Doctor has got you covered.

List the best sunscreens you’ve tried. Share below!

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