EMPTIES: September 2023

EMPTIES: September 2023


September was busy month for me, but it apparently didn’t stop me from using up a lot of products. So, let’s get into this massive list. Keep reading to see what products I used up and my final opinion.

First up is Tresemme’ Between Washes dry shampoo. Honestly, I mostly use dry shampoo to add volume to my roots by using dry shampoo to remove the oils. I will say I’m one of those people that says to wash your hair if it’s dirty instead of using dry shampoo. However, if you a quick lift at the roots, you can’t go wrong with an inexpensive dry shampoo. This dry shampoo from Treseemme’  was less than $8 and lasted me for well over a year. I think I’m going to see if they offer this in a travel sizee.

Hands down, this Fantasia Frizz Buster is one ofmy favoroite hair products. Whenever I need a heat protectant to flat iron my hair, this is the product that’s going in my cart. This a great protect for curly natural hair.  I only have to use one drop for all my hair and it definitely prevents frizz from happening. Love this and this will be getting retired from future EMPTIES posts. The only reason I included it in this post is because I can’t recall talking about it in a long time.

For the past few months, I’ve really been enjoying Mielle products for my natural hair. The Mielle Avacado Hair Milk is really good, because it’s hydrating and moisturizing. It’s a great daily moisturizer, especially if your hair tends to be dry and/or color treated. Will buy again, because my hair really enjoyed it felt great.

I feel like I’ve tried hundreds of setting sprays in my life, but the Morphe Continous Setting Spray is so good! This is probably my second or third can I’ve used and I recently just bought the jumbo size. I think I’m temporarily retiring this from upcoming EMPTIES posts.

The last time I bought a bottle of Panoxyl, it was a defective tube. After a few uses, the top burst open and customer service never responded to my emails. I think I vowed to never buy it again, but hormonal acne made me reconsider. In my opinion, Panoxyl is the best face wash for hormonal acne. It really does a great job at clearing up any blemish that pops up on my skin. So, I think I’m going to temporarily retire this from future EMPTIES posts, as well.

Let’s talk fragrances and start with the Bath & Body Works lotion in Underwater Oasis. This was my go-to lotion when I went on my vacation to the beach, because it smells like a beach vacation. It was summer scent and currently out of stock.Hopefully, it comes back inst The Demeter fragrance in Clean Skin became one of  my favorite summer scents, because it smells just the name. The smell of clean, fresh out of bath never gets old. I also used up the Lancome Idole Eau de Perfume, which is floral scent with some citrus notes. It’s really pretty summer scent, which is why I used it up this past summer. I loved all of these scents and would definitely buy them again.

While we’re already talking about Lancome, I also used up there eye makeup products from them; the Lash Idole mascara, Monsieur Big mascara, and Idole Liquid Liner – all waterproof.Honestly, I might have to retire these, because this mascara combination has been the only one I’ve used for awhile. These mascaras combined with the primer just completes me and gives me and my sensitive eyes the look of false lashes.

Have you tried any of the products from the September 2023 EMPTIES list? If so, share below.

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