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My daily go-to eye make-up look is just mascara and liquid liner. It’s simple and doesn’t take away from if I decide to do a red lip or makes a “just powder and gloss” day look more put together. At the moment, all the products I use to achieve this look are all Lancome eye products.

Favorite Lancome Eye Products | STAINED COUTURE

Keep reading to see me fawn over these Lancome eye products that are my go-to everyday eye makeup look.

In case I haven’t shared this before; I have sensitive eyes. These brown eyes will water up at even the slightest whiff of a weird ingredient. So, I’ve been a little off about a getting my lashes done out of fear that something would go really bad. The problem is that I think my face looks better with fuller lashes. So, I’ve spent the past few years trying to find the right products to give me the look of fuller lashes without having to find a lash tech. The products that have given me the look of fuller lashes without fake lashes are all from Lancome.

Let’s start at the beginning – lash primer. I think the first lash primer I ever used was back in college. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice much of a difference and assumed that lash primers were pointless. However, I realized that  I was totally wrong. A few years ago, my free birthday gift from Ulta was a deluxe sample of the Lancome Lash Primer. After the first use, I think I was hooked. I can’t recall which mascara I was using at the time, but the results were amazing. They were so amazing that I decided that I needed to see the primer results with a Lancome mascara.

Eventually, I decided to give Lancome Monsieur Big Lashes mascara a go, which I loved. However, I have straight lashes that try to protect sensitive eyes, which means the waterworks can happen whenever. Therefore, I’m a waterproof girlie and the waterproof version of this mascara was what I bought next. FYI, waterproof are great for straight lashes, because they help lashes hold the curl. The Big Lashes mascara is great for giving full and fluffy lashes, but in a natural way.

Although I loved the fluffy look, I still wanted to add a little more lift to my lashes. Therefore, I decided to pick up the Lash Idole Lash Lifting Mascara, which is amazing. Give this mascara a try if you want a mascara that lifts and gives a natural fanned out look. Also, adds some length, which you short lash baddies should appreciate.

Finally, after using and loving the mascaras, I decide to try a liquid eyeliner from Lancome. In the end, I decided to try the Idole Precision Liquid Liner, because it was long wear and the tip gave more precion. All of the claims were very true, especially the longwear part. This liquid liner doesn’t budge – AT ALL! As a longtime liquid liner girl, this may be new go-to liquid line. *squeals with glee*

How do I apply my Lancome Mascara Eye Products?

Of course, after curling my lashes, I start with the primer. Afterwards, I prefer to apply the Idole Lash Lifting mascara first to help lengthen and lift my lashes. Also, by doing this, I get to decide if one mascara is enough and I want to have a natural look. That rarely happens, which means that follow up with the Big Lashes mascara. I only apply one layer to the tip of my lashes, which helps to not weigh them down or encourage clumping. Finally, I swipe a nice smedium – yes, smedium – line of liner and I’m done.

Since I rarely wear eye shadow, this is my everyday eye and I think it gives me the perfect wide-eye look without fake lashes.

Have you tried any Lancome Eye Products before? Share below!

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