EMPTIES: February 2022

EMPTIES: February 2022


As you can see, I didn’t really use up that many products last month.  Still, they are all worth sharing. So, keep reading to see what products I used up last month and my final take.

First up is the Benefit Precisely My Brow eyebrow pencil in the shade 2.75. Now, this my favorite eyebrow pencil, because it does a great job at filling in my brows with a natural look. However, this was a new shade for me, because my hair is more red/copper now. That’s also the reason I bought the mini size, because I didn’t need a full-size. Well, I was wrong, because this didn’t last as long I think it should’ve – I didn’t use much. The product and results were still great, which is why I will be rebuying in a full-size next time.

Next up is Mary Kay matte finish setting spray, which was actually pretty good. This spray is by the former it finishing spray brand Skindinavia, which probably explains why it was so good. Although it mattifying product, it didn’t make my skin feel dry, which is a problem that some matte sprays do to my skin. So, this is a winner in my book and I would buy it again if I’m approached my another Mary Kay seller.

Next up is the Lancome’ eyelash primer, which is one of my favorite eye products. This primer helps all my mascaras work a little better and staying on longer. Plus, it makes the mascara pop against my eyes, which can be hard to do with my straight lashes. I love this primer so much that I buy it in 2s.

Finally, is the Trader Joe’s Lemongrass body oil, which took me months to use. I bought this product because the girls in the Black Girl Trader Joe’s group was hyping this up like crazy. Unfortunately, for me, it smells just like lemon Pledge wood cleaner. I love almost anything lemon flavored or scented, but this definitely needed to be combined with another scent. Smelling like a freshly dusted coffee table is not my vibe. So, I will not buy this again if/when they bring it back out in the summer.

See anything in this month’s EMPTIES post that you’ve been wanting to try or have tried? Share below.

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