Tips for Wearing Natural Deodorant

I’m back to using natural deodorants. For the past couple of years, I’ve been falling in and off natural deodorants. However, for the most part, I’ve been mainly using them for well over a year. Initially, I started using natural deodorants, because I heard and read about some of the dangers of the ingredients in most deodorants and antiperspirant. Although I’m not really sure about those claims, I would rather be safe than sorry. Plus, over these past couple of years I’ve learned tips for wearing natural deodorants.

Tips for Natural Wearing Natural Deodorant | STAINED COUTURE

Since spring is coming soon and (hopefully) bringing her beautiful, warm, and sunny days. Do you use or thinking about using natural deodorant, but concerned with how to stay fresh all day? If so, keep reading for my tips on wearing natural deodorant.

Tips for Wearing Natural Deodorant: Hairless

The best and easiest way to get the best from your natural deodorant is to go hairless under your arms. Hair, anywhere, can make you sweat. Since natural deodorants don’t contain antiperspirants, which block sweat, having no hair is the best way to prevent too much sweating. The body is supposed to sweat and you should want it to sweat. Sweating helps remove toxins out of your body, FYI.

Anywho, let me get off my soapbox and back to hairless pits. I try to get my underarms waxed once a month when the weather starts to warm up. However, I’m not afraid to bust out my trusty and reliable Harry’s razor in a crunch. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Tips for Wearing Natural Deodorant: Tea Tree Oil

Now that the hair is gone, it’s time to prep your skin. Yes, prepping your arm pits and with tea tree oil is blessing. Tea tree oil helps to clean, soothe, and dry the skin, which is the ideal state that you want your underarms to be in before applying your deodorant. Not to mention, it can help enhance the smell of your deodorant. You can also use witch hazel, but both may give your skin a little tingle.

BONUS TIP: Wipe your bare arm pits down with tea tree oil and then massage a small amount of almond or light sesame oil under your arms. This will create a soothing, moisturizing natural deodorant scent that’s light and refreshing.

Tips for Wearing Natural Deodorant: Find the right strength

Since the natural beauty space is always evolving, you can now find natural deodorants with stronger scents. My favorite one to wear on warm days or when I know I might break an intense sweat is the Sport Luxe deodorant from LAVANILA. The combination of  refreshing scents and technology to help break down sweat molecules while remaining natural makes this a staple in my bathroom and purse.

Tips for Wearing Natural Deodorant: Keep it on deck

If you plan to convert to wearing only natural deodorant, be prepared to keep one on you at all times. Natural deodorants don’t block sweat nor smells, which means reapplying during the day might be needed. I keep my mini LAVANILA one in my purse and I keep a spray natural deodorant from Honest beauty in my work desk. Again, rather safe than sorry

Thoughts on natural deodorants? Share below!

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