Lust-Have List…February 2010

Its just now February?! This year is starting off pretty slow, but maybe it will pick-up. Anyway, new month, new lust-have list! Although this is the list for February and everyone thinks of Valentine’s Day, the items in this list are not my ideas for V-Day gifts, but as usual, things that I’m loving…but I wouldn’t mind getting one of these items for V-Day! Read more to see the full list!

  • A. Jayrun Misue Earrings ($128) – I’ve been looking for a new pair of bright cobalt blue and gold earrings, but simple. I think these earrings by Jayrun are perfect. These would look perfect to top off a classic casual outfit of jeans and tee or dress up a plain dress.
  • B. Rugby Striped Tights ($14), Urban Outfitters – Seriously, when I saw these tights I could not help but want them! Although I don’t really wear unique tights in my everyday life, but when I do these would definitely be contender.
  • C. Lindy Platform Pumps ($22.80), Forever 21 – Can it ever be too early to shop for spring shoes? Maybe. However, can you ever have enough nude shoes? Umm, my vote is “NO!” These strappy nude platform from Forever 21 are going to look great with my spring wardrobe.
  • D. Tory Burch Rannon Mesh Sequin Dress ($695), Saks – If I were a rich girl and maybe a little thinner, this dress would be hanging in my closet with me sitting on the floor in front of it gazing lovingly at it. Oohh, the sparkles!
  • E. Converse (PRODUCT) RED I Heart Kicks ($49.95), Nordstrom – Last year, I finally had to throw away my white pair of low top Converse. I’ll admit, when I threw them away, they were more dingy gray than white, but that was just because I loved them hardcore. Well, the mourning phase is over and I think I need to buy some white one and why not buy a pair that donates 10% to the World Fund? Exactly why I just ordered these. Converse never lets me down.
  • F. Flower Petal Cardigan ($40), Fred Flare – A pretty cardigan that pink and filled with flower cutouts cascading down the front. Very pretty!

There you have it, this month’s Lust-Have list! Enjoy and grab a little something for yourself!

Stay Stylish!

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