EMPTIES: April and May 2023

EMPTIES: April and May 2023


Funny story, I didn’t realize that I didn’t post my emptied from April until I was preparing to post thes ones from May. However, that just means I’m going to combine them in on post. So, keep reading to see what products I use up in April and May.

First, I have to let you know that I don’t which month I used up most of these products. All that I know is that I used them up and remembered to not throw the containers out.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was loving this body butter from The Nakery. As you can see, I wasn’t lying and it was half way gone when I shared it in my previous post. This a super moisturizing body butter that leaft my skin feel smooth and soft.

Next up is this NYX setting spray for plump skin. Honestly, I didn’t notice much of a difference to my skin compared to their regular setting spray, which I’ve used before. I probably won’t purchase this one again to “plump my skin”, but I’ll continue to use NYX setting sprays.

Do you recall when this Mielle rosemary mint hair oil went viral a few months ago? Well, I bought and it was definitely worth the hype, because it worked on growing my hair after a drastic hair trim. Not only did it help my hair grow, but also stronger. I need to buy another bottle soon!

I’ve had this EOS shaving cream for a couple of years, I think. I’m not a daily shaver, especially in the colder months. It does smell nice, moisturizing, and affordable. So, it may end up in my cart again.

This is probably going to be the last time I include Black Girls Sunscreen in an EMPTIES post. I’ve raved about this sunscreen plenty of time already and plan to buy it all the time. I already have 2 new bottles waiting for me to crack open in my bathroom.

I’ve had this travel size bottle of Ouidad gel for curly hair for a couple of years now. I finally used up the rest and I always love my results when I used it.  My curls were always defined and kept it’s hold without any crunch. This bottle lasted for so long, because I didn’t wear my hair curly all the time. However, now that I mostly wear my hair curly, I may try some more Ouidad products in the very near future.

Another product that may be retired from future EMPTIES posts is the Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant. I will buy this again.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention Hero cosmetics rescue balm. Hero cosmetics is mostly known for their ane patched, but this recovery balm is really good. You use to help your skin recovery from breakouts. This cream helps heal your skin after a popped pimple and heals it fast. I’m buy a bigger tube next time

Finally, my Trader Joe’s finally got their sunscreen back in stock. I told myself that once it as back in stock, I would buy 2. However, I’m glad that I only bought 1, because the formula seemed a little different this time. Although it’s oil-free, it didn’t work well with my makeup  like it used to do. Still, I may buy it again to give it a try, in case I got a bad tube.

Have you tried any of the produts in this EMPTIES post? Share below!

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