Current Favorite Products: April 2023

I feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve shared a rundown of beauty products I’m currently loving. So, it feels like this is the perfect time to share my current favorite products.

Current Favorite Products | STAINED COUTURE

You may be wondering- “Isn’t this similar to the EMPTIES post?” Well, not really, because the empties post are finally reviews of products that I’ve recently used up. Also, the final thoughts aren’t always positive. However, this list contains products I’m currently loving, which will end up on the Empties post. The thing is will I still love them then as much as I do now. Only time will tell. For now, keep reading to see why I’m currently loving this products right now.

Recently, I’ve been leaning more into my naturally curly hair, which I’m sure you might be tired of hearing about. Still, it’s been fun revisiting past curly products I loved. However, it’s also been fun discovering new ones. The current new product I’ve been lovng is the brand Rhyme & Reason Curl Quench & Curl Leave In Conditioner. It’s a thick formula, which softens and defines curls. Although they say to apply a generous amount, I loved it more when I applied a modest amount and then brushed it throughout my hair. Doing it that way helped define my curls without weighing them down. This products is very fragrant, which I don’t mind. However, if you aren’t into heavy fragrant products, this may not be for you.

For most of my life, I’ve been a lotion girlie, but I’m pretty sure that I need to lean more towards body butter. The reason being is because the Nakery Body Butter in Tropical Therapy has been transforming my skin to feel smooth and soft. The Tropical Therapy scent smells like a beach vacation, but at a nice resort. Love this stuff so much and I’m almost out, which says alot since I’ve only had it for a couple of months.

While on a recent Target run with my BFF, I mentioned how I’ve been having problem figuring out what products and techniques to apply my under eye makeup. The main issue I was rambling about what the problems I’ve been having finding the right powder. So, she was quick to mention that she stands by the iconic Airspun loose face powder, which I’ve used in the past. Since we were there, I decided to pick up a jar and give it a try. Once I started using it again, I question why I stopped using it. It’s so light weight and sets my makeup like a dream – sometimes my under eye, too.

The brush that I’ve been using to set said under eye area is the Real Techniques setting powder brush. It’s the perfect size and shape for under eyes and spot areas that may need a little extra attention. I honestly love this brush, but I loved every RT brush I’ve used.

Although I’m still trying to figure out the best undereye application, the Neutrogena Healthyt Skin under eye cream has been great. It really moisturizes the undereye and has helped brighten the area up all together. The only con, is that I think it was the reason my under eye makeup would break up and shift through the day. The reason being is because the moisturizing ingredients would cause the powders and concealers to separate throughtout the day. I just realized that this cream was the cause of the issue. So, I stopped using it under my makeup and only use it at night. Once I stopped using it during the day, my under eye area has stayed in tact all day.

As you can tell, I’ve really been into my eye makeup recently, because I bought this ELF camoflauge concealer for my under eye. Initially, I bought the matte formula (black cap), but that made my under eye area look like a desert. So, I decided to hydrating formula and that was the winning formula. Stays put, conceals like a dream, and doesn’t dry out my skin. The hype is definitely real with this product!

Finally, the Physicians Formula Mineral Diamond lip plumper is so good! This may be the best lip plumper I’ve used – drugstore or high end. The main reason I love this plumper, is because it smooths the lips without making them look uncomfortably swollen.  Thankfully, this is a drugstore product and the is under $5. I used the color ‘Princess’. which gives the lips the perfect mute pink.

What’s one of your current favorite products? Share below!

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