LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2024

LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2024


Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice holiday season and got plenty of rest. Also, let’s aim to give 2024 all that we got so it can reward us, because 2023 was insane.

Honestly, I’m very hopeful for 2024, because I would hate to think or expect it to get worse. I still don’t do New Year Resolutions and will spend the rest of Winter hibernating and thinking about my revival list for Spring. Plus, I think we all need to rest after the holidays and for as long as possible; for mental health.

As I’ve mentioned before, my September LHL is my birthday wish list. The December LHL is my Christmas wishlist but the January list is things I wish I asked for Christmas. It never fails, starting 2 days before Christmas, I start thinking of things I wish I asked to receive. This year was no different and here is the January 2024 Lust-Have List of things I wish I got.

Keep reading to see the list and why I want them.

LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2024

  • UGG Ultra Mini Classic Boot – The mini UUGs were on a lot of Christmas lists and I should’ve put them on mine. These are so cute and probably super easy to put on to run errands.
  • Tower Non-Sticky Jelly Lip Gloss – Matte lips or pink lip oil has been my daily lippie for the lasty couple of months. However, this non-sticky jelly lip gloss by Tower is intriguing.
  • Instant Milk Frother – Santa did bring me and Nespresso maker and I’ve used it almost everyday since I put it together. All the espresso and coffee drinks made me think I need to upgrade from the little IKEA frother wand. This frother/warmer hybrid would help boil water for tea.
  • Connection Necklace – One thing I would like to do is start buying myself more little everyday jewelry  and  eventually the more luxury pieces. Until me and my budget can get it together, the pieces from Aurate will do, including this connection necklace. Simple and clean design that can effortless be worn everyday.
  • Posture Corrector Sports Bra – If there was one thing on this list I need the most, it’s definitely new sports bra and the posture correcting is the cherry on top.

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