LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2023

LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2023 (Christmas Wishlist)

Lust-Have List; December 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

The same way that every year the September Lust-Have List is my birthday Wishlist; the December one is my Christmas Wishlist. I already know that I’m getting one of these items I’m definitely getting as gift. I also know what I’m going to end up buying for myself.

So, keep reading to see what I want this year for Christmas.

LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2023 (Christmas Wishlist)

  • Exercise ball – I’m not ready to be gym girlie, but I’ve been enjoying my at-home workouts. I mostly use weights, but I think I need to add a simple exercise ball for core workouts.
  • Alexa Echo Dot – I had an Echo Dot years so – I think I gave it away, but now I want one again and this one looks nice!
  • K18 Detox + Repair Set – I’ve been wanting to try K18 for a minute and think this would work into my current hair wash routine.
  • Nespresso coffee/espresso maker – An espresso maker was my main want this year, but I decided to upgrade it to a espresso/coffee maker. Also, I’m ready to become a Nespresso girlie lol. Also, this is the one gift that I’m pretty sure I’m getting or a similar version.
  • Earphones – Feeling very nostalgic and want a pair of 2000s over earphones, but too bulky. This pair by Sony looks just right and affordable. You know, in case I don’t like the feel of them after all.
  • Furry Booties – A cute low top pair of furry boots that I think will look cute worn with jeans, leggings or even sweats. I think these boots work for me and will probably buy these myself. 😀

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