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Coat of the Moment…Flocked Jacket

I saw this GUESS down jacket while browsing around and instantly thought it was just a black swirly print on a gray background. Cute. However, it’s more than that. It has pretty black swirls all over on a plaid background with quilted elements, which makes it have a luxe texture. Love it! Plus, it’s under $100! I really love it! When you go look at it at, zoom in on the print to get the true urge to add it to your cart.

Stay Stylish!

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Stained Couture’s Holiday Gift Guide 2009 begins!

It’s November, already? Wow, this year has definitely gone by quickly! Well, since it’s November, you know what that means around here at Stained Couture….Holiday Gift Guide 2009!

Yes, chicas, I’m about to start rolling out gift ideas to help make your shopping easier to conquer this season.
Not only am I going to lead and introduce you new items and gifting ideas, but I’m also going to try and keep you up to date on the latest salivating sales and deals retailers are going to have sprouting up for the next couple of months! We all need those, right?!

I’ve already got a folder worth of information to share with you. So, try to stop by Stained Couture as much as possible for help…and maybe a few fabulous giveaways! Shh…you didn’t hear that from me.

Stay Stylish!

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And Cute To Bootie


Have you ever seen something and knew that it needed to become part of your life? Dress? Shade of lipstick? Man? Whatever. Despite you knowing you need it in your life, you are unaware as to why you need it.
Well, that’s how I feel about these And Cute To booties I spotted at They are a mix of a specator and retro saddle shoes and I feel a smidge bit incomplete, because they are not safely nesting in my closet right now so I can grab them in the morning to wear. Sad, but true. I want them. Do, you?
Stay Stylish!

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Swooning for…Pharaoh Headband


I’ve already received a couple of invites for parties this holiday season. Why so early? I don’t know, but I do know that my go-to color this season will be black and dark blue dresses and pieces. You know what that means, dazzling accessories!

To compensate for a simple color wardrobe I plan to stock up on dazzling accessories and I think I’m going to start at the top with this Pharaoh headband by New York Nat from their Egyptian Holiday Collection. How pretty and elegant! This will be perfect for my winter hair look of soft and bouncy curls I plan to debut around Thanksgiving. Yep, this is a definite must have for my holiday wardrobe!

Stay Stylish!

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Book Shelf…Shoptimism


Everywhere you look and listen, all you seem to hear is that  Americans are spending less and less. However, there are some people that are still buying and I’m an one of them, because fortunately for me I haven’t had to experience any blow to my pocketbook that wasn’t already there before the credit crunch and wall street collapse. So, needless to say, there are still a substantial amount of people that still want to shop, but are aware of the economic situation that is going on and want to be more aware and prepared when shopping. This really applies now that we are on the cusp of the holiday shopping season.

The latest book that I’ve had in my purse that I’m almost done reading is Shoptimism by Lee Eisenberg. I’ve had the pleasure to receive this book early to review and I’m glad that I’ve had the chance before I go on my annual holiday shopping mini sprees.

In the book, Eisenberg does a very firm and direct way of breaking down today’s world of buying and selling by giving readers an inside look at retailers tactics while giving us readers ways to understand and sometimes climb over it. He accomplishes this through interviews with people behind the scenes in retail marketing and selling and with the people that keep those people on their toes- shoppers and consumers.
He also ponders the question- “Why do we buy?” and various answers to the question.

I really enjoy a good and informative book and this is definitely one of them, because I feel that I am little more equipped and informed as I start my holiday shopping marathon. If you want to be more informed in your future shopping trips, then you should definitely pick up this book.
Shoptimism will be available on November 3, 2009.

To find out more about the author, visit his personal site

Stay Stylish!

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