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IOTW: Weleda Skin Food

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product we’re currently loving. This week: Weleda Skin Food


I just realizes that I’ve been doing Item of the Week for a little over a year. Kind of mind-blowing, because it doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for that long. Can you remember the first item I included? Here’s a hint!

So, this week’s Item of the Week is long overdue for a couple of reasons. One reason is because it’s been a minute since I’ve shared an item of the week. The other reason is because I’ve been using, abusing, and loving Weleda’s Skin Food for far too long to not have given it the spotlight it deserves. So, keep reading to see all the reasons this product has been rocking my world.

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Tips for Wearing Natural Deodorant

I’m back to using natural deodorants. For the past couple of years, I’ve been falling in and off natural deodorants. However, for the most part, I’ve been mainly using them for well over a year. Initially, I started using natural deodorants, because I heard and read about some of the dangers of the ingredients in most deodorants and antiperspirant. Although I’m not really sure about those claims, I would rather be safe than sorry. Plus, over these past couple of years I’ve learned tips for wearing natural deodorants.

Tips for Natural Wearing Natural Deodorant | STAINED COUTURE

Since spring is coming soon and (hopefully) bringing her beautiful, warm, and sunny days. Do you use or thinking about using natural deodorant, but concerned with how to stay fresh all day? If so, keep reading for my tips on wearing natural deodorant.

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Goodbye Elastic Hair Ties. Hello Scrunchies.

Elastic hair ties have been my my BFF for what seems like decades now. Over the past almost 20 years, I’ve owned and lost so many elastic ties in different colors and widths. However, I recently forced to stop using them by hair monitor a.k.a hair dresser. After wearing them for most of my life (not overestimating), I was a bit hesitant about letting them go. However, according to my “hair manager”, they were actually doing more harm to my hair.

Goodbye Elastic Hair Ties. Hello Scrunchies  | STAINED COUTURE

Despite my inner turmoil, I had to focus on the bigger picture; strong and healthy hair. I mean, this is the reason why I spend so much money on my hair, which includes maintenance and products. Therefore, giving up elastic hair ties forced me to have to look for other ways to secure my hair without the use of elastic hair ties

The first thing I did was replace my elastic ties with scrunchies. Yes, those puffy circles of fabric that we rocked in elementary school are now things I buy and wear. Thankfully, 90s style is back. So, I’ve been able to find an entire slew of scrunchie options, in different styles, colors, and fabrics. Satin scrunchies are my new BFF. Although I still don’t like the look of them and they can look very childish, they are super comfy. Plus, they do a good job keeping my hair secure without the sense of being too tight or breaking my hair.

At night, I usually put my hair up, curly or straight, up in a messy, top bun. Actually, putting my hair up at night with the elastic ties was doing so much damage to ends. I thought I was doing the opposite; protecting my ends.

Now, at night, I moisturize my ends and put my hair up in a loose scrunchie. However, for those nights mean I want my hair to have a little curl and bounce the next day, I break out my satin rollers. I discovered these satin rollers in the clearance section at Target and it was the best $4 I spent. I moisturize my ends and then spray my hair with some texturizing hair spray and roll my hair up in 10 curls. Despite being them being so soft and satiny, these rollers stay in all night thanks to help of the hair spray. FYI, I’m currently using the Ouai texturizing hair spray to see if Ouai can work on more natural, thicker hair. Verdict is still out.

Do you still use elastic hair ties? If not, why not?

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Personal Rules for Makeup Wipes

Like most makeup wearers, I worshiped makeup wipe removers. So much so, being able to buy them in bulk made me renew my Sam’s Club card one year. However, my love for them faded the more I learned about the cons of using them. Like with most bad habits, I started to use them again, but with rules. Yes, I created some rules for makeup wipes.

Rules for Makeup Wipes | STAINED COUTURE

Interested in what these rules are? Well, keep reading, sis!

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