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EMPTIES: October 2021

EMPTIES: October 2021


Apparently, I spent a lot of time making sure or trying to make sure my hair and scalp were looking their best. As you can see, I didn’t use up that many products, but they were used up. In the end, that’s all that matters. Keep reading to find my final takeaway of each product for my October EMPTIES. Also, what’s that product with the faded label? lol

I’m going to start with the No 7 Early Defence serum, which was a free gift from Walgreens. However, after using it on and off for the past year, I would buy it in the future. After using it every day for about a month, I did a difference in my skin. This serum helps protect the skin from pollutants while making it look smoother and plump. The ingredients include ones that help moisturize and even some gentle exfoliation. Personally, I think this is a great serum for beginners who need a little something extra to help with mild congestion and dullness. Plus, it’s affordable and accessible at most drugstores, including Walgreens.

Let’s move on to the remaining products, which are all hair products. First up is the mystery, which is also known as Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Hair and Scalp oil. I live for a good hair and scalp oil, especially in the colder months. This oil was formulated to help strengthen you hair as it grew and keep it moisturized, which I believe it did. Although it’s an oil, it didn’t weigh my hair or scalp down that much. Also, I loved putting this oil on my ends at night and put in 2 loose braids, which helps keep my ends protected.

The next product I used up was a travel size bottle of Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-1 primer, which I’ve used before. For the most part, I this as a primer before applying heat to my hair. When I say, this includes heat products and the sun. Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of always applying a heat protectant to your hair before going out in the sun. I think of heat protectant the same way I think of sunscreen – apply it every day. I was very happy that it came with a spray top, which made it easy to spray on  my hair and go. This primer comes in a bigger bottle, but I always buy the small one for easy carrying.

Finally, let’s talk about Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil, which I’d been wanting to try for years. So, earlier this year, I picked up one of their smaller bottles to give it go. Obviously, I have a few hair oils that I switch in and out, which is why it too a while to finish this little bottle. However, another reason is because you don’t need much. Like EVA NYC primer, this oil is also a primer, but I mostly used it to seal my hair. This is a very lightweight hair oil, which explains the name – invisible. Plus, this hair oil made my hair feel softer and shiny, which was the cherry on top.

Have you tried any of the products in this EMPTIES post? If so, share with the class.

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IOTW: Parissa At-Home Wax Kit

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Parissa At-Home Wax Kit

Parissa At-Home Wax Kit | STAINED COUTURE

For the past few months, mostly due to conflicting of schedule, I’ve been cancelling my needed wax appointments. Unfortunately, that led me to have to shave or use a hair removal cream. Both options work, but the results are never as smooth as a wax. So, I stumbled across this Parissa at-home wax kit at Ulta and thought it was a sign to take this moustache in my own hands.

After one use, I was sold and even uninstalled the app that I used to book my wax appointments. Keep reading to see why the Parissa Wax Kit has been one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

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IOTW: NYX Lingerie XXL Matte Lipstick

ITEM OF THE WEEK: NYX Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick

ITEM OF THE WEEK: NYX Lingerie XXL Liquid Lipstick

Sometimes I can’t believe that I was ever a lip gloss only type of girl. Don’t get me, I still love a good lip gloss that makes my lips look like wet glass. However, there is just something about matte lipsticks that make them look better on me. However, if you see me in a moody matte lipstick, there is a 95% chance it’s from the NYX Lip Lingerie Matte Lipstick collection. I just love the NYX liquid matte lipsticks so much.

Keep reading to see why.

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