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Card Holders for the Girls

Card Holders for the Girls

Card Holders for the Girls | STAINED COUTURE

How was your Christmas? Mine was lovely – I got everything I requested and then some. However, every year, there are some things I wish I had asked for in the end. I usually share those items in the January Lust-Have List. However, one item I recently realized I regret not asking for is a card holder. Not just any card holder, but I want a card holder that has little extra to it.

Personally, I have a history of looking for the right wallet for me. For years, I was into big, zippered tri-fold wallets. I got into those big wallets after I got my first “big girl” job. After a couple of years of that, I decided that I wanted to smaller and moved to wallet keychains. Now, I’m ready to go smaller with card holder cases.

Using a card case might not practical for many. However, I rarely carry cash, which includes coins. Plus, almost everything is digital and/or on my phone. Therefore, this move just makes more sense to me. Now, I just need to find the right one for me.

Here the ones that I’ve been eyeing and leaning toward purchasing.

Card Holders for the Girls

  • All Black Monogram YSL – This all black card holder looks sexy and discreet, which is must for many.
  • Card Case Belt Bag – This card case comes with a detachable belt to make this more functionable when needed.
  • Tan MCM Card Case with Keychain – That first “big girl” wallet I spoke of earlier is the same design of this one, which is probably why I fancy this one so much.
  • Gold Tory Burch Card Case – A gold accessory will always hold a special place in my heart, which this one from Tory Burch is doing.
  • Cream MCM Card Case – It’s the classic MCM print but in cream and it’s slim
  • Smythson Flat Card Holder – You can never go wrong with a flat card holder made out of amazing leather.
  • Slim Folded Card Case – This one comes in many color, monogrammed and super affordable while being well made. Plus it folds for extra security.
  • Marni Card Case – This Marni case looks luxury but also casual. I kind of love that! Actually, I really love that!
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eSTYLIST: Winter 2023 Uniform

eSTYLIST: Winter 2023 Uniform

Winter Uniform 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

Winter is here and so is my go-to Winter outfit! If I’m being honest, I would/will be wear leggings and oversized t-shirts for the most part.  Honestly, having a job where you can lowkey “come as you are” has really allowed me to leisurely most days. However, one of my plans for the new year is to get “dressed” more, because the “Adam Sandler running errands look” is wearing out on me.

Don’t get it confused – I’m not planning to break out heels and dresses. The goal is to look like I tried and care sometimes. So, keep reading for the details!

eSTYLIST: Winter 2023 Uniform

  • Leather Moto Style Jacket – I’ve been craving a leather moto style jacket for a while now, but they were either not simple enough or too rich for my blood. This faux one has the right look and price point.
  • Chunky colorful scarf – A chunky neon yellow scarf helps add a punch of color to any cold winter look.
  • Small furry purse – A couple of weeks ago, I randomly ordered small furry brown purse on Target. Unfortunately, it sold out before they could pack my order, but now I think I need a small furry option to my small purses collection.
  • Henley Shirt – I bought my sister Henley shirt for Christmas and realized that I don’t have any. That’s going to change soon.
  • Light Wash Jeans -I haven’t owned a pair of loose light wash jeans like this since junior high – 90s vibes. I love the look of this pair of jeans. They have just the right amount of loose but without the tapered ankles from the 90s.
  • All White Running Shoes – An all white pair of tennis shoes seems absurd, but it fits better with my vision.
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eSTYLIST: Fall Uniform 2023

eSTYLIST: Fall Uniform 2023

Fall Uniform 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

Has it officially been Fall for over a month now? Yes. However, has the fall weather been taking it’s sweet time in showing up? Absolutely. Therfore, I’m a little late with trying to  figure out the vibe I want for Fall. Somehow I landed on cozy grundge and I’m not mad at it.

To be honest, it’s been feeling more like Winter the past  few days around my parts. I was not ready for lows in the upper 20s and highs in the low 50s, but it’s been happening…a lot! I probably should’ve added  coat to this look, but I”’ hold off for now. Yoy may notice that I didn’t include a bag for fall. Well, I’m still toting perfectly worn Madewell tote and actually works with this look, too.

Still, my style is very laid back, but can easily be dressed up or down, if needed. I think look aligns with my style and vibe for this season. All the details of this look are below.

eSTYLIST: Fall Uniform 2023

  • High Waisted Black Skirt – Honestly, this whole look is based around this skirt. I’ve been wanting a high waisted fitted skirt and I love the small slits on each thigh
  • Cable Knit Button Down Cardigan – Personally, I can’t imagine most fall looks without a sweater. A cable knit cardigan will always work for me and the chunkier the better.
  • Outkast Photo Tee – I’ve always loved the look of simple oversized cardigans over fun graphic tees and this Outkast one works perfectly for this look.
  • Super Opaque Black Tights – I want to start buying black opaque tights like I do black leggings; I need them all!
  • Platform Boot – How sick are these lace around Doc Martens?! I gave away the last pair of Docs I bought, but I think I need this pair.
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Work Bags for Walking Commute

Work Bags for Walking Commute

Work Bags for Walking to Work | STAINED COUTURE

It’s been almost a monthsince my job moved just a 5 minute walk away. However, I’ve yet to take that 5 minute walk, becasue I’m still trying to prepare. It’s s a quick walk that I’ve taken before. However, I will have to cross a major street – the nearest crosswalk will add another 5-10 minutes. Also, when I’ve taken that walk before, it was part of my hot girl walk andI only had my keys, phone, and vibes.

Unlike the other walks, I need to carry a purse for things I need to take to work and/or back home. My office is located right next to my grocery store, which means I grab some things to take home for dinner. Plus, there are some more lunch option, but my diet and budget may require me to bring lunch more. Therefore, I’m looking for a new purse work  that easy to carry and spacious.

So, here are some bags that I think will work for walking to work and one may work for you, too!

Work Bags for Walking Commute

  • Small Nylon Bag – I love a good nylon bag, because they can handle the occasional coffee spill. This one is available in 20+ colors
  • Mini Fabric Tote – This fabric tote is not too big or small – will work for bare work essentials or half-days.
  • Cutout Leather Tote – Honestly, I was immediately obsessed with this leather Madewell tote. Madewell really knows how to make quality leather goods at affordable prices.
  • Faux Leather Shopping Bag – This shopper bag is huge and would work if you carry alot of things, including a laptop.
  • Triple Compartment Satchel – You can never go wrong with a satchel for work. This one works, because it has 3 comparments and still looks sleek. I loved this olive color so much.
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Floral Dresses for Fall 2023 Edit

Floral Dresses for Fall 2023

Fall Floral Dresses for Fall 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

It’s hard to believe, but Fall 2023 will be here in a couple of days. In case you aren’t aware;  I’m very much a Fall girl! Dress me in layers and fill me up with all the pumpkin flavor everything.

However, with every season change, the first thing that I think about is my wardrobe. I’m still trying to figure out what my Fall 2023 uniform is going to be, but I know the star of my wardrobe. Personally, I can’t consider my fall wardrobe complete without adding some new fall dresses. Which means I always start with dresses and decided to share some that have caught my eye.

So, keep reading to see my personal faves. I separated them by lengths: mini, midi, and maxi!

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