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GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Him


Here’s another gift guide, but this time for the gents. Shopping for men can be easy, but also hard. I’m firm believer in people telling me what they want so I can get it. Unfortunately, you may still have to find something they will love and didn’t know they wanted. My top love language is gift giving and I love when I give someone a gift and they immediately love it.

Although this gift guide is gifts for him, I think a lot of this items can be for all. Personally, there are a couple of things on this list, I wouldn’t mind receiving myself. Check out this Gifts for Him gift guide.

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Him

  • Stainless Steel Cocktail Set – This is a really nice and classic cocktail set
  • Whiskey Making Kit – Making your own whiskey sounds super fun and interesting. This may encourage a new hobby.
  • Fingerless Mittens – Honestly, I want a pair of fingerless mittens myself, but this pair would make a great gift for any man on your list.
  • Leg Air Massager – The runner on your list will love this! Even if they aren’t a runner, putting this on after a long day on your feet has to feel amazing.
  • AdjustableĀ Dumbbell – This adjustable dumbbell would save so much space or ideal for an at-home gym in small space.
  • Insulated Flannel Lined Jacket – An insulated Carthart jacket says “I love you and want you to be warm and sexy” – Trust me!
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LINK-END ROUND-UP: December 1, 2023

LINK-END ROUND-UP: December 1, 2023


I seriously can’t believe it’s December and this year is almost dunzo. Let me stop, because the thought is giving me anxiety.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Link-End Round-Up, but I was experiencing some technical issues. That’s the main reason I haven’t been posting, but also life has been doing the most. I guess that’s normal for this time of year.

I’ve been working on getting into the holiday spirit – I did get my tree up! Unfortunately, my tree isn’t sparking the same joy it did last year. I think I know why and what would fix it, which I’m going to try to do this weekend. Also, going to make sure my favorite Christmas movies are playing for inspiration. šŸ˜€

At the moment, my weekend plans include a possible nail appointment and going to seeĀ  Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ movie with my bestie. So far, it’s panning out to be a nice weekend. I hope you enjoy your weekend and check out the links in this week’s Link-End Round-Up. Honestly, I think all of these reads are really good.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: December 1, 2023

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GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

I almost didn’t do any holiday guides this year, because the holiday sales for Black Friday. Even the Cyber Monday sales weren’t doing it for me. The only thing it did was make me want to do a couple of Christmas 2023 Gift Guides.

As usual, I started with a gift guide of gifts for her. However, I think this guide is for her who is into cozy vibes and living a soft life. If you have someone like that on your shopping list, then this guide is for you.

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Her

  • Morning Glamour satin roller – Satin rollers not protect your hair, but also gives the softest biggest curls while you sleep. This set includes the satin roller, bonnet and hair clasp
  • Brushed Wool Scarf – A gorgeous, wool scarf will never not make great gift.
  • CROC Furry Slides – Are the furry CROCS out of stock everywhere? Yep, but these furry CROC slides look pretty cozy, too!
  • Sephora fragrance sampler – Perfect for the woman who loves to smellĀ  good but you don’t know which scent to get her. This sampler includes some of Sephora’s popular scent and card to get a full size of one of the scents. It’s such a great and they sell out every year.
  • Stanley Pour Over Set – If she loves her Stanley cup and coffee, this pour over coffee set going to blow her mind!
  • Colored Glassware Set – Colored glassware is so beautiful and this set includes a set of champagne flutes, martini glasses and cake stand. It’s also available in other colors and they are all gorgeous.
  • Cast Iron Tea Pot Set – If she prefers to take her caffeine in the form of hot tea, this cast iron tea set might be a winner for her to receive.
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