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Mothers Day Gift Baskets for Mom

Aside from being a great mother, my mom was also an easy person to give gifts. Although she loved receiving flowers for Mother’s Day, she much preferred practical things as gifts. Usually, she already knew what she wanted. However, for those times that she “didn’t care”, my safe bet gift was her favorite perfume and a Mother’s Day gift baskets.

gourmet mother's day gift baskets

The great thing about gift baskets is that they tend to be filled with things that they receiver can use or eat. If you would like to give your mom a basket full of delicious treat and/or useful items, keep reading to see my suggestions.

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GIFT GUIDE 2016: for Dapper Men

gifts for dapper men

Welcome back to Stained Couture’s Gift Guide 2016! In this edition, it’s all about gifts for dapper men. As I’ve said before, I usually have a hard time shopping for men. However, this year, I think I have plenty of ideas for the men on my Christmas list. All I have to do now is narrow down who gets what.

To see the list of items that might be perfect for that well-dressed man who loved to look and live stylishly, keep reading.

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GIFT GUIDE: Gifts Under $25


You would think that the cheaper the gift the worst the gift or not thoughtful (i.e. a giftcard). However, there are plenty of awesome and thoughtful gifts under $25 that don’t involve the safety of a giving a gift card.

So, check out these easy and affordable ideas for gifts under $25.

  • Copper “Monogram” Mug – Mugs are a safe gift, but this copper monogram one is prettier and the personal, thanks to the personal factor of the monogram.
  • Charging Station – This is a perfect gift for that person who has all the latest gadgets and devices and uses them everyday and everywhere. This charging station is great for home and the office.
  • Wine Aerator – For the wine lover and/or wine drinker, an aerator is a quick and thoughtful gift to ensure your gift receiver enjoys every sip.
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker – I’m a breakfast sandwich lover. So, family and friends, hint…hint.
  • “Dream Big” Notebook – This beautiful notebook would be appreciate by anyone who loves to journal. The gold foil “Dream Big” on the cover is a nice touch and motivational.
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GIFT GUIDE: Gifts For Him


If you are anything like me, shopping for the guy(s) in your life can be very hard. The safe ‘manly’ things of tools, ties, and anything sports can feel as impersonal as money. So, I found some, if I don’t say so myself, awesome gift options for almost any guy on your holiday shopping list this year.

Check out these perfect gifts for him!

  • Pocket Dial – Such an genius, easy, and functional item that baffles me when I wonder why this wasn’t already a thing. Jimmy Fallon teamed up with J. Crew to create and iPhone case that doubles as a pocket square. Genius, right?! The case, itself, is made of leather and with silk navy polka dot fabric attached to the top. So, once when the phone is not in use, slide in the pocket as a stylish pocket square. There’s also a card slot on the exterior of the case, too. Plus, all the net profits will go to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based charity that protects Africa’s elephants from ivory poaching and extinction.
  • Liquid Body Flask – This flask is not only very sleek and “sharp’ looking, but is thin enough slide into a packed bag or possibly even a pocket.
  • Helicopter Drone – Drones are a hot item and toy this holiday season. Practically every guy I know wants one this holiday season, including my brother. They are pretty cool.
  • Charging Case – For the minimalist guy always on the go, this wallet/phone case/phone charger is perfect. It’s zipper closure keeps everything secure and the design makes it easy to slip in and out of back pockets. My dad is going to love this.
  • Sonic Cleansing System – If you are like one of my dear friends who got sick of her husband borrowing her Clarisonic (used different brushes, of course) and wants to buy him one of his own, then you might be intrigued to know that Clarisonic makes one specially for men. Its design for the men’s skin to give a closer shave, cleaner beard and healthier-looking skin. It’s even adjustable for clean shaven or bearded face.
  • Beard Care Kit – Speaking of beards. For the bearded lad on your list, this beard care kit contains everything they need to keep their beard looking just as awesome as possible. The kit includes soap, balm, mustache wax, and comb to keep that beautiful beard in tact.
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