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Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

I’m up early thing morning to do a little light cooking, but also to express how grateful I am! Actually, I try to live a completely grateful life, not matter what bad things happen. My faith is so strong, I can do nothing, but live a life where I appreciate everything I have, which includes support friends and family, a great job, and a roof over my shoulders.

Appreciating everything that God has helped me and given me to have an amazing life is not something I take lightly. I grateful that I woke up this and every morning before today and going forth. I’m thankful that I’m still learning things about myself and actively trying to not take for granted this ultimate gift of life. I’m appreciative that my life is continuing to flourish at a steady pace so I can enjoy each moment.

On this day, let’s decide to make the effort to live a grateful life everyday. Trust me, it will be beautiful!

Also, there will be no Link-End Round-Up this week. However, I will be back next week with new posts and few pounds heavier. #LeSigh

Have a happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for the most this year?

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eStylist: Thanksgiving 2017

For Thanksgiving, I plan to wear my most comfortable raggedy tee and warm sweatpants while Christmas movies. Although one of the main things I’m grateful for is my family and friends, I’m even more grateful that they understand that I don’t want to be bothered with having to get dressed up and leave the house. Thanksgiving 2017 is going to be amazing!

eStylist Thanksgiving 2017

However, if you have plans to go out and don’t know what to wear, here is a little Thanksgiving style inspiration for you to ponder. For Thanksgiving, I usually lean more towards dark and moody colors. This year, I’m really into feminine colors, fun prints, and cozy touches. Not to mention, any time you can find a reason to wear your white booties is a good time. Keep reading to get all the details about this look and one also information about one of my favorite yearly sales that is currently going on.

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Comfortable Underwear For All Women

When it comes to the basic needs in life, I like to find one item or brand that meets my needs and stick with them forever. It just really helps with trying to simplify my life and one less thing to worry about. One basic that I’ve yet to find one brand to exclusively rock with is underwear. I’m not one of those women who want and need fancy, overpriced underwear. Buying pricey fancy underwear has never set well with me, we has I just want comfortable underwear that are durable

Knixwear comfortable underwear

Finding underwear that you feel comfortable and confident during that certain time of the month can be difficult. However, Knixwear has made it a lot easier. Knixwear specializes in undergarments for women that embrace every aspect of life as a woman. Knixwear underwear are made from innovative fabrics and construction that’s moisture-wicking, odor-killing, and leak-proof. I know that sounds great, but sounds like boring, granny panties. Nope, that’s not the case.

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Thinking About Relocating…Again

Trying to be a legit and responsible adult can be so stressful, even for single(ish), childless me. These last few months have been testing me and my resilience, but I’ve been able to bounce back. Yet, there have been more than a few times I’ve thought about starting over in a new place. I usually start thinking about relocating during moments of being overwhelmed. However, I’ve yet to pull the trigger.

Thinking about relocating

Although I’ve yet to give my current life the middle finger and dip, if I ever do, there are 3 places in particular that I always think about moving to and starting over. A couple of the cities, I’ve visited before, but there’s that I’ve yet to visit. Keep reading to see which cities I’ve thought to relocate.

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Preparing For Friendsgiving

This year, my sister and I decided to pull our “adult” card and decline to partake in the act of going to family’s houses for Thanksgiving. The amount of stress that was alleviate off my chest was instant. Okay, it’s not like we decided to boss up or anything. We mainly decline, because she has to go to work that evening and needs to get some sleep during the day. Whereas, for me, I just don’t want to be bothered. However, we did decide to throw a somewhat impromptu friendsgiving this year. So, I’ve been preparing for friendsgiving all weekend.


I’m so new to throwing any type of event, let alone a friendsgiving. However, it’s been pretty interesting, to say the least. How does one prepare for a friendsgiving. Well, keep reading to see how this one is preparing for it.

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