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LINK-END ROUND-UP: November 14, 2020

LINK-END ROUND-UP: November 14, 2020


Happy Friday…I mean Saturday! Instead of just scrapping this week’s, Link-End Round-Up (again), I decide to make it a special Saturday edition. The past few weeks have been all over the place – nationally, globally, and personally. So, my productivity hasn’t been peaking that much, even though I wanted to be productive.

I’m not if it’s the holiday spirit finally creeping up in me or that I’m bored, but I’m ready to create. I started to think about my holiday guides, which can be a very exhausting project. However, this year, I’m think about just getting rid of the traditional guides and just start recommending products on their own. I mean, I might throw in a “$50 or less” guide, but I want to recommend products and you can decide to who would love it as a gift.

Although I’m not sure when I’m going to start, but it has to been soon since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Still not 100% ready for the holidays, but I appreciate that they aren’t lagging. After this year, I think everyone is looking for any bout of happiness they can get. If pulling out your Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music before Halloween was over made you happy; good for you.

I did program the Christmas stations in my car on Halloween night, but I haven’t been listening to them as much. The weather has been very nice and warm – not my ideal weather for blaring Christmas tunes. However, I might just ahead and give in this weekend and get it going. I think I’ll stop my Starbucks and get a mocha peppermint concoction to sip while bopping to All I Want For Christmas. Oh, that sounds nice!

Can you do me a solid and check out these reads that I enjoyed recently? Thanks in advance!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: November 14, 2020

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Hydrating Toners – Everyone Needs One

Currently, my skin is looking the best that it ever has -seriously. Of course, this is all due to regular facials, sunscreen, and effective skincare products. However, there is one product that I’ve added to my skincare routines that I feel deserves at least 80% of the credit – hydrating toners.

Hydrating Toners | STAINED COUTURE

I’ve been hooked in hydrating toners since I watched one of my favorite Youtube skincare gurus, LaBeautyologist, talk about them. I highly recommend that you watch her video on how to tone your skin. Anyway, The main takeaway from the video was that you should tone your skin at every step of your skincare routine. Also, that hydrating toners help hydrate and prepare your skin for your essences, serums, and moisturizers. When your skin is hydrated, it helps the products work into your skin.

If you have oily skin, like me, you might be a little hesitant. However, oil and moisture are 2 different things. Plus, if your skin is looking oilier, it’s pretty much screaming for more hydration. If you aren’t moisturizing and hydrating your skin enough, the oil factory in your skin will think that you need more oil. Weird, but true. So, most, if not all of the toners that I’ve bought this year have been hydrating ones.

Again, ever since I switched over to focusing on using toners that hydrate the skin, my skin has been flourishing. Keep reading to see the ones that I’ve tried loved.

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LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2020

Lust-Have List: November 2020


After 2 long years, it looks like 2020 is finally wrapping up. There have been more than a few occasions when I mention something happened last year. However, it had only happened a few months ago, which means I don’t know if something happened this year or last year. Hopefully, this year will end on a good and optimistic note – it can’t get any worse. *shrugs*

Now that Halloween is over, it’s officially – according to social media – Christmas season. Although I don’t really decorate for Christmas, I  love to see house decorated and littered with Christmas cheer. I have a feeling that a lot more people are going to get in the holiday spirit this year and I don’t mind.

Every year I do holiday gift guides, but I’m not sure if I’m going to this year. It doesn’t feel right with the current climate. If I do, they will affordable and all under a certain price. Still playing it by ear. In the meantime, here are few items I want/need for this month.

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2020

  • Dispora Face Masks – Initially, I vowed to only stick with all black face masks. However, now I want them in various prints and colors. I love these dispora printed mask – all of them.
  • Grape Water Spray – The temps are dipping, which means my skin needs extra hydration. Face sprays are really good at doing this. I’m fancying this fancy grape water spray from Caudalie.
  • Oversize Plus Size Tie Dyed Sweatshirt – Tie dye was huger during the lock down – I attempted to tie-dye some tees. I’m not ready to let the trend of dye die. An oversize tie dye sweatshirt? All the yeses.
  • Fluffy Faux Fur Slippers – Another trend during the lock down was everyone ordering fluffy slippers from Amazon. I didn’t bite it, but I’m ready for them now. Loving the extra fluffiness of these.
  • Cast Iron Skillet – I need a cast iron skillet. Initially, I was going to ask for one for Christmas, but think I’ll just go ahead and get it myself. This is just the right size and quite affordable.


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LINK-END ROUND-UP: October 23, 2020

Link-End Round-Up: October 23, 2020


Happy Friday, friends! I really wish I was ecstatic for it being Friday, but life has been slapping me around all week. Work has been it’s usual mix of calm and chaotic, which I’m used to by now. Actually, it’s a normalcy, at this point.

However, what’s really been grinding my gears is all the election coverage. Actually, I’ve been over it for the last month, because it was just too much. Last weekend, I was one of the millions of people who did early voting, which is what I usually do. Therefore, since I already cast my vote, I decided that I am done. I’m done trying to read up the latest election news and I definitely didn’t watch last night’s last (thank GOD) presidential debate.

All the back and forth news – true and false – was just too much. So, I’ve decided to put my extra time into strengthen my mental peace. Oh, and binging horror movies and series, which is what I’m doing this weekend. I’m kicking the weekend in off by going to a local Halloween that’s held at the zoo with my sister and nephew. It’s my first time going and it’s supposed to rain, but I’m still down.

Please check out this week’s Link-End Round-Up reads – love them.

Link-End Round-Up: October 23, 2020

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