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Davines is devine!


I don’t know about your hair regimen, but mine begins on Sunday night with a nice shampoo and deep conditioner.  Well, now that weather is finally getting cold, its time to boost the moisture in my hair regimen. In case you didn’t know, your hair becomes drier and more brittle in cold weather. The coolness in the hair literally sucks the moisture out of your hair, which makes your hair dry and brittle and breaks. Never a good look.

So, this weekend I was able to try Davines NouNou Nourishing repair mask for dry and brittle hair and it is so a-mazing. I slathered the olive oil infused mask over  my fresh towel dried hair and left on for 10 minutes and rinsed it out find some lovely, soft, and moisturized locks that I was so stoked to say that they belonged to me! Seriously, my hair felt so lush and luxe!

So, after an additional 10 minutes ogling my hair as it air dried some more, I massaged Davines MOMO cream on my ends and hair. I let that settle in then proceeded to give myself my weekly press and curl!I swear, every curl that unraveled from my ceramic curling iron was breath-taking, bouncy, shiny, and soft to touch! Not only that, but kept my hair frizz free the entire night.  I was tossing my hair all night for no absolute reason!

Anyway, I’m not super shocked that Davines took to my hair so well, because they had a previous encounter/relationship.This summer, Davines Refreshing Shampoo did wonders washing out all the products I used to keep my naturally curly dos work.

What I can say, Davines does wonders for my hair and I’m sure it will do the same for yours.

Stay Stylish!

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Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub


As a beauty and fashion blogger, I have accumulated quite the stash of beauty products for review. There are times that I test them out and feel bleh about them and put them up and kind of forget about them until my little sis comes through and wipes me out. However, there are times when I instantly fall in love with a product and use it religiously and forget that it was a review product until I’m reminded or I run out and try to figure out when and where I got it from and and how can I get some more. My jar of Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub falls into the latter.
Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub is one of my fav body scrubs I’ve had the pleasure to use. It gently scrubs away dry skin and leaves a supple and moisturized skin. Also, its not loaded with an overbearing aroma, but instead a soft scent that is comparable with a gentle baby lotion. The texture is perfection, because its not too hard and grimy nor watery like past scrubs I’ve used.
Unfortunately, I only have a small amount left, but I do know where I can buy more. This will definitely be my go-to scrub this season of dry and rough skin.
Stay Stylish!

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