Loading Up…SensiClear


We all have things items we load up on beit beauty products, home goods, or even things like  your favorite chips, because you never know when you might run out or how long it will take to get it again.
So, I have decided to start a new category titled “Load Up”, which I will inform you on things that I load up on.
The first thing I will dish about loading up on is SensiClear acne kit.
I posted my review on this awhile ago, but I have really become addicted to the whole kit to the point that I just ordered 2 60-day kits a couple of weeks ago. The SensiClear kit works for me, because since my first full face of acne in my early teens, I’ve always thought I just had acne ridden skin. However, I have come to realize that I have sensitive skin and when I use all these products that loaded with strong acne fighting chemicals, its just causes my skin to dry up and breakout. Not a good look.
I guess the reason that SensiClear works for me is because it has acne fighting ingredients, but they are gentle enough for sensitive skin that might get a touch of acne here and there.
I swoon this stuff!
Unfortunately, you can only purchase it at Duane Reade or through the SensiClear website. Since there is no Duane Reade in Memphis, I have to get mine through the SensiClear website. Actually, I’m thinking about buying a couple to use as stocking stuffers for my little sisters and my brother’s girlfriend! Just an idea.
Stay Stylish!

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Love Gucci? There’s an app for that!


Everyone and everything now a days has an iPhone app, including some of your favorite luxe designer lines. Gucci is the latest fashion app available.

However, the Gucci app is not like oher fashion apps. This app includes a program that allows you to make your own beats and share them with your friends. Besides offering a music stream channel, it also boasts Gucci shows and lookbooks, Gucci Little Black Book city guide, and Gucci news.

The Gucci app is currently available for download and the Apple app store.

Stay Stylish!

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Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub


As a beauty and fashion blogger, I have accumulated quite the stash of beauty products for review. There are times that I test them out and feel bleh about them and put them up and kind of forget about them until my little sis comes through and wipes me out. However, there are times when I instantly fall in love with a product and use it religiously and forget that it was a review product until I’m reminded or I run out and try to figure out when and where I got it from and and how can I get some more. My jar of Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub falls into the latter.
Glowology Sugar Mama Honey Scrub is one of my fav body scrubs I’ve had the pleasure to use. It gently scrubs away dry skin and leaves a supple and moisturized skin. Also, its not loaded with an overbearing aroma, but instead a soft scent that is comparable with a gentle baby lotion. The texture is perfection, because its not too hard and grimy nor watery like past scrubs I’ve used.
Unfortunately, I only have a small amount left, but I do know where I can buy more. This will definitely be my go-to scrub this season of dry and rough skin.
Stay Stylish!

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Coat of the Moment: Rachel Rachel Roy Transfourmer Coat


It’s that time of the year on Stained Couture…Coats of the Moment! I swoon coats and feel so fabulous with one warming up my cold days. So, here is the first entry into this season’s Stained Couture coat of the moment- The Transfourmer Coat by Rachel Rachel Roy.

The Transfourmer Coat is the staple coat for any recessionista. With one purchase you can wear it four different ways. You can wear it as a fab skirted dress coat, cropped jacket or take the sleeves off for a cropped or long vest. All that for under a $200! Can’t beat that this season and economic times.

Plus, its by freaking Rachel Rachel Roy! When its released on November 5th, ya’ll better grab one!

Stay Stylish!

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