4 Beauty Products on My Radar

4 Beauty Products on My Radar

Beauty Products on My Radar | STAINED COUTURE

Recently, a lot of me beauty products have been catching my eye. So, to avoid the upcoming Lust-Have List (posting tomorrow), I decided to a quick post to get them on paper. Also, hopefully they will catch your eye, too. Keep reading to  find out about these products.

I love a good face cleanser and have many to prove it. The reason I have many options is because I use which one my skin  is craving. I recently realize that I need a good gel cleanser, because the weather is getting cooler. Gel cleansers are great to clean your skin without drying it. The JUNI Juniper Biome Cleanser from Junk Theory seems like exactly what I need. It’s a foaming gel cleanser that’s gentle and hydrating. The ingredients of blue-green algae and aloe makes  me feel confident that this cleanser is calming to the skin while cleansing away any impurites. I bet it would make a  great addition to my double-cleanse routine. So intrigued!

I love a good body oil, but I haven’t bought a new one in awhile. The reason being is because I haven’t seen one that peaked my interest. However, this Prima Beyond Body Oil has caughy my eye, because it’s also anti-aging. If it has ‘anti-aging’ claims, it automatically get my attention. However, it also has CBD and magnesium, which both aid in relaxation.

Listen, I know I was just on vacation less than 2 months ago, but I’m reading a quick Fall getaway. It’s going to be another vacation that only involves packing essentials and this Care.of En Route Essentials Kit has everything I would need. This kit includes the minumum products you would need during traveling, including sanitizer and hydrting face wipes and mask, because airplane air is dry and gross.

I was recently in Target and spotted this brand called ‘Made By Dentist’ and saw that they mostly have whitening products. I have sensitive teeth and sometimes I have issues with whitening toothpastes. However, I saw that they have an Oral Care whitening pen, which would be great way to test the product. It wasn’t until I did some research and saw that since this brand is made by dentist, it’s ideal for sensitive teeth, too. Plus, being able to spot whitening teeth is so useful.

Have you heard of any of these Beauty Products on My Radar? Share below!

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