AROMATHERAPY: Creating a Vibe w/ Essential Oils

As a person who appreciates being left alone in their own space, it’s important to create a “vibe” for your space. This can include comfy seating, curated wall art, and lighting. However, my current favorite way to create my vibe is with essential oils. Yes, you can use essential oils for your skin and hair, but they are also great aromatherapy.


I was a little late jumping on the aromatherapy train, but I’m not jumping off anytime soon. Keep reading to see how and why I’ve been into aromatherapy and essential oils.

In the big conglomerate world of “self-care”, aromatherapy is barely a whisper. However, it’s super easy to add to and enhance your space and mood. Scents can play such a big part of our mood. A whiff of a scent can bring back memories that you forgot about for years. For instance, the smell of Ralph Lauren’s Romance instantly reminds me of college and my mom, because it was my mom’s favorite scent and I wore it, too.

If I want to relax, a few drops of lavender will have be gently lull to sleep. When I was experiencing some nasal congestion, Eucalyptus oil was my BFF! I would drop a few drops in my diffuser at night and it would help keep my nasal passages clear through the night. Plus, eucalyptus oil is also very soothing, which helps you sleep more peacefully. Win, win!

Although using just one oil can be very beneficial, mixing and mingling can be just as beneficial AND fun! Luckily, I had an Essential Oils and Aromatherapy book that had me playing mad scent-making scientist. You’ll find so much more info about essential oils, including how they are made and uses. I didn’t realize just how many benefits that essential oils can play in your beauty and health.

I’ve only been playing around with a few of the basic scents, but I plan to start collecting more oils. Hopefully, I will also learn more of the benefits.

No matter if you add essential oils to your life via an oil diffuser or apply directly to your skin, they are so helpful.

Have you tried using essential oils and aromatherapy? Share below!

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