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Chloe’ Oversized Sweater


I’m freezing!

Yes, Mother Nature has  decided to drop some cold days on us here in Memphis and I finally got around to wearing my new coat yesterday. I’m not sure if this is the beginning of the cold weather or if this is just a taste, but I’m stoked for the comfy clothes weather. One item that I can’t do without is a nice oversized sweater to cuddle up with on the end of my sofa and indulge in watching ‘Love Jones’ and Lifetime movies until I’m forced to do something not as equally relaxing.

When I saw this Chloe’ cardigan, I instantly fell in love and wanted one so bad! Oh, it hurts just thinking about this cardigan and all its hotness(literally and figuratively). It also hurts me, because I use to have a oversize cardigan in this color years ago that I would walk around the house while home for winter break. Yeah, I got called “Big Bird” despite being only 5’5 and “The Sun” which was more appropriate thanks to my round shape due to my festive eating, but I didn’t care. That sweater made me happy and warm and I wish I knew what happened to it, especially since this Chloe’ cardigan is $1,180 and will probably never see the inside of my closet. Well, if I hit the lottery or find a bag a money, that prediction could change. However, until then, I guess I can dream about this one while trying to re-track my steps to find my “Big Bird” cardigan.

Stay Stylish!

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Holiday Gift Guide…


Personally, I love the rush of scoping out gifts and the rush of holiday shopping from store to store looking for deals. However, I understand that there are a lot of people that despise holiday shopping for the same reasons I love it and tend to avoid the bustle and hassle by shopping online. Even if you shop online for gifts, you still might find yourself shopping at various sites comparing who has the better prices or selection. Well, why not eliminate all that clicking and site jumping looking for different items and deals and pull up to a one-stop shopping experience at is new shopping site that allows you to browse for gifts, but also allows you to socialize via Q&A with other shoppers. The good thing about the Q&A is that it helps you get a better understanding of the product that the details might not mention. I love this, because I am definitely one of those people that read reviews and base my purchases around them.

So, when it comes time for you to start looking for a good deal on everything from handbags to HD TVs this season, then you definitely need to have in your shopping bookmarks.

Stay Stylish!

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Tee Time..My Louboutins Tee


Gotta love Hellz Bellz for continually dropping sweet yummy goodness of the form of dope tees.  This My Louboutin tees by Hellz Bellz features the words “Nothing comes between me and my Louboutins”, which is derived off of the Calvin Klein ad of the early 80s featuring Brook Shields.

Here’s another tee by Hellz Bellz that has me contemplating grabbing my credit card and ordering this tee for my personal t-shirt collection.

Stay Stylish!

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