Eye Spy…Angela’s Leggings


Yesterday, reality star/fashion designer Angela Simmons was spotted eating with her friends in L.A. while rocking these attention grabbing YES leggings.

The leggings are available in purple, black, and fuschia.

Stay Stylish!

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Stained Couture


  1. These leggings are by Party Rock Clothing (LMFAO’s company) and were born from the anthem “YES!” (everyday I see my dream) by LMFAO ….its about knowing your dream and aspiring to achieve it through each living day…..something we can all relate to! So to get the real meaning of why Angela’s ass says “YES!” across it, check out the song and video, http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=NXPT8SW_FJU

    oh and if you are feelin these, heres the website to order your own YES! leggings or other party rock gear: http://WWW.PARTYROCKLIFE.COM

    peace and xoxo

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