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Recently, there has been a lot of whispers of blogs coming back. I know that sounds weird considering that there are many of us that still regularly blog. However, IG and TikTok kind of put a damper on the number of blogs that regularly update their content. Recently, Grace of The Stripe shared a list of blogs that she still regularly reads. On her post, someone commented that her list wasn’t really diverse and she agreed. Her reasons was valid and one was very true for me, too; it’s getting hard to run across diverse and inclusive bloggers. A few weeks ago, I went looking for more black lifestyle bloggers that post fashion, beauty, and everything in between.

Of course, there are plenty on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.  However, finding ones that regularly blog and share on their own site it hard.

Black Lifestyle Bloggers | STAINED COUTURE

Still, there are a few out in the blogsphere still blogging regularly. Keep reading to see a fabulous list of black bloggers that still post regularly and post quality content.

Adriana Lately | Black Lifestyle Blogger

A  new blogger I recently discovered is Adriana Lately who is a true lifestyle blogger. She shares the perfect blend of beauty, style, home, and travel. Easter is this Sunday, so you should check out her post on Easter basket ideas for Kids. I’m making a basket for my younger nephews and her post was truly helpful.

Mattie James | Black Lifestyle Blogger

One of the OG blackgirl blogger is Mattie James and I’m so happy that she’s still hanging around. I started following her when she was just a new wife, but now she’s a married mom of three. Not only has it been fun to see her grow as person, but also as a business woman. She’s created online masterclasses for others to grow their own online community, but also wrote a book. However, she still hasn’t ventured off too far from her fashion and lifestyle content.

Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor | Black Lifestyle Blogger

Another OG blogger I’ve been following for years and years is Danielle of The Style & Beauty Doctor. She shares mostly fashion and beauty, but is super heavy and informative on skincare for women of color. She appears to post 2-3 times a month on her blog with a YouTube video here and there.

Karen of Where Did You Get That? | Black Lifestyle Blogger

Let’s keep the OG black bloggers train going with Karen of Where Did You Get That?, because I’ve been following her since Tumblr blog. She does a really good job of mixing everyday, affordable finds with luxury brands. She’s a maximist in the best way possible, because she has no fears with fashion and seems to absolutely love it!

Kim of KP Fusion | Black Lifestyle Blogger

Let me highlight a local Memphis blogger – KP Fusion – who honestly is the face of social events around the city. Not only does she blogs, but she also helps other local creatives and is a lifestyle photographer. You’ll be able to tell how great her photography skills are once you take a look around blog and socials. Also, she’s big on encouraging creatives to have their own website to share their work. These social media accounts can be gone tomorrow and take your content with them. She’s gem of knowledge for creatives!

Assa of My Curves and Curls | Black Lifestyle Blogger

A plus-size black blogger I’ve been loving is Assa of My Curves and Curls. She nails her looks and shares plenty of style and wardrobe help for us fellow curvy babes. She did appear to take a long sabbatical from blogging, but I think she’s about to start posting more regulalry. I hope she is! *fingers crossed*

Carmen Renee | Black Lifestyle Blogger

Carmen Renee is Houston blogger I recently found, but she’s not new to blogging at all! She has a true lifestyle blog that mixes beauty, fashion, and family. Actually, I’m a little obsessed with her and feeds. Although she only posts about once a month, the content is quality and really worth wait.

Stella of Jadore-Fashion | Black Lifestyle Blogger

If you’re looking for a true fashion girl, look no further than Stella of Jadore-Fashion. Stella doesn’t miss! Not only does she help inspire style, but she also has posts to help you build your wardrobe. She also does beauty edits, too. Definitely worth follow!

Who are your favorite black bloggers? Share them below!

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