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Dress Up Your Nails With Scotch Tape

Nail polish has always been a fun way for girls to express themselves. You know, hot pink if you’re the “fun” one, red if you’re a “flirt,” and black if you’re “deep.”

As of late, there has been much more than just colors that you can put on your nails to show off your personality. One of the first products to really launch this new nail art phenom was the Ciate Caviar nails, which truly give your nails a festive, textured look – just don’t plan on having the caviar stay on while you’re sleeping. Then the nail sticker prints starting popping up, followed my different kinds of top coats (matte, fur, shiny, etc…), and pens – they make nail polish pens for those ambidextrous or daring enough to get super detailed on your tiny palette.

But, as we know, some of these products can really burn a hole in our pockets, less of a hole than shoes, but it definitely adds up!  One of the most cost efficient and easiest ways to dress up your nails is with scotch tape, and chances are you have some laying around your house! Using the straight edge as a guide for lines, and cutting them into shapes, makes for a perfect stencil. We’ve rounded up some stunning DIY nails below to give a try!


This one is one of my favorites – with the different finishes, and using scotch tape as a guide for the french tip – it’s easy and classic!


These triangles were created using two pieces of scotch tape over a (dry) nude polish, and painting a black coat in the empty space.


So this one will cost you a little bit more money because you’ll have to buy those wavy scissors. This is a lot easier than it looks! Just cut strips of tape with your new fancy scissors, place them on your nails, paint an accent color, and peel!


Another easier than it looks scotch tape manicure. Paint nails, let dry, cut tape in spike pattern, place on nails, paint another color on top, peel and add top coat of choice!

Stay Stylish!

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Bikini So Teeny

Why beat around cute and/or clever post titles and let just get around to what this post is about…Essie’s Bikini So Teeny nail polish.

I first heard and saw this color on one of the multitude “beauty guru” I follow on Youtube and was pretty instantly enamored with the cornflower blue color. I’ve received SO MANY compliments on this polish and they are warranted, because this color is amazing. Probably one of the best 8 bucks I’ve spent at Walgreens in a minute. Yes, Walgreens. You can buy Essie nail polish at Walgreens, Target, and I believe even Walmrt. So, there is no reason for you to not be able to find this polish that I feel NEEDS to be in your polish collection. If all those stores are a fail, there’s always

Stay Stylish!

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