I Love My Stuff…Polish, Shoes, and Stuff

I had a week full of technology induced stressed and spent the majority of the past 24 hours ducking thunderstorms staring hail. However, there have been a few things in my possession that have added some sparkle to my life. See a list of my favorite things that I’ve been reaching for as of recently, after the jump!

  • VS PINK in Fresh & Clean – I swear, VS Pink has been releasing amazing scents. I was in love and addicted to their winter scent of Warm and Cozy. So, I knew that I was going to love the spring ones, too! The current scents include Fresh & Clean, Sweet & Flirty, and Pure & Pretty. I chose the Fresh & Clean, because it really smells like its name. For two days, I was trying to figure out what the scent reminded me of and I finally realized it smells almost identical to Dolce & Gabbanna’s Light Blue. Smells so good, as does this VS Pink scent!
  • Reebok Hexride Bislett Running Shoes – I NEED TO EXERCISE! I’ve been saying that forever, but I’ve really been bitten my the bug or maybe that was the button of my favorite skinny jeans pinching me. Anyway, if you want to start to exercise, the best way is to just walk..not run, but walk. In order to really enjoy and benefit from walking is to have a good pair of sneakers. So, I ordered these running shoes from Gilt.com a couple of weeks ago. Although these Reeboks are running shoes, they have been super comfortable for walking.
  • Mel B Totally Fit DVD – When this DVD was released a couple of years ago, a PR firm sent this to me to review. I tested it out and reviewed and my body was worked. I felt and really hoped that I was one day closer to get the fabulously fit Mel B. body. Unfortunately, my lazy spell kicked in hardcore and this DVD got shove to the back of my DVD shelf. However, now its at the front and I’ve been reaching for it every now and then. Soon, I hope to replace now and then with day.
  • Sinful Colors Polish in Thimbleberry and O.P.I Polish in Panda-modium and Dim Sum Plum – Every spring I have to get two colors in particular from Sinful Colors. The first is Cream Pink, which is my essential hot pink polish. I love it! The other is Thimbleberry which is a deep orange-y coral. Since coral is so hot right now, this has been a good friend to me. When my nails are slathered with Thimbleberry, they are either painted in Panda-monium Pink or Dim Sum Plum. I wanted Lucky Luck Lavender, but they didn’t have it. So, I just grabbed these two and I love them!
  • M.A.C Pink Poodle Lipglass – This has been my go-to lippie! I’m hooked on hot pink lips and this a important to achieve. Top it over a opaque pink look for an intense look or for a shiny hot pink sheer lip. I have 3 tubes in my make-up case as I type.
  • BCBGeneration Mincay Jelly Sandals – I bought these sandals for my little sister, but they were a little snug for her. So, I got them and they are the flip flops I slide on when I need to run somewhere with the BF, but still want to look presentable! The sparkle in the sun! lol
  • Nugaard Triple Hoop Earrings – Everyday! That’s how often I try to wear these! I love to toss my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head and these large bangle earrings are the ones I reach for when I wear my hair this way. Ever since the lovely people over at Nugaard sent these earrings to me, I try to wear them as much as possible!

So, these are the latest things that have been making me smile and sparkle, inside and out!

Stay Stylish!

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