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eSTYLIST: Last Days of Summer

It was freezing when I took my dogs out at 6am this morning. Okay, it was 59 degrees, but that’s freezing when yesterday was in the 90s. Although I’ve been mentally preparing for fall weather, I was not at all prepared. So, now I feel like I’m behind and need to actually start figuring out my fall look. So, this eStylist post is dedicated to the last days of summer. We are at the transition point of having to mix summer pieces with fall pieces.

eStylist Last Days of Summer 2017

Let’s be honest, we all have some pieces that we wore all summer that we just aren’t quite ready to let go. For me, it’s my bow sandals and thin, flowy tees. In the meantime, keep reading to get the deets on this look right here.

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eSTYLIST: Lazy Summer Day

It’s official; I’m over the summer. It’s been too hot to function on most days and it doesn’t care that it’s making your electric bill get sky high. If anything, summer heat is rude. For the most part, I’ve been trying to avoid it at all costs, because the heat is so draining. That’s why “lazy summer” is a thing. There is one good I can attribute to scorching heat; it’s ability to melt away my body insecurities.

eStylist lazy summer day

For most of the year, I stay away from shorts, high hems, and sleeveless anything. However, when that heat wave hits, I throw all my body insecurities out the window as I’m trying to catch a breeze. Once it feels like anything in the triple digits, bring on the shorts and tanks and stare (if you want) at my big, chunky legs and jiggly arm wings. If it’s cooling and easy to put on and go, then it’s a winner in my book. It’s just too hot to care, folks.

Keep reading to get the details on this look to wear on a hot summer day when you don’t want to wear anything at all.

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eSTYLIST: Hey Summer 2017!

Hey Summer 2017! I’m so glad you’re here!

estylist hey Summer 2017

When it comes to dressing in the summer, I’ve found that wearing lightweight pieces that are easy to wear and style are a sure safe bet. This summer, I’m all about light weight dresses with feminine details, such as a white lace dress. Keep reading to get all the details on my ideal go-to summer 2017 look.

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eStylist: Backyard BBQ Look

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means an extended weekend. This long weekend, I’ve been invited to a couple of Memorial Day barbecues. Now, when it comes to styling my ideal backyard BBQ look, I have a couple of requirements. I prefer clothing that’s not snug or too light in color. Now that I think about it, that’s my requirement for most of outfit choices. However, in this case, I prefer to not feel like an overstuffed sausage while eating grilled overcooked sausages. So, the looser, the better. Also, I’m kind of clumsy when eating, especially BBQ. So, whites are off limits, because ruining any white clothing is stressful.

backyard bbq look

Some people consider Memorial Day the beginning of summer. However, I look it as the end of spring. Maybe we should use this weekend to wear our last bit of springy colors. So, if you are still on the fence about what to wear to any upcoming backyard BBQ or summer party, keep reading to get all the details for this inspired look to help you say “goodbye” to spring and “Hey, girl!” to summer.

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eSTYLIST: Mother’s Day Brunch

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the one day when we shower our mother’s with the love and appreciation. However, we should do this everyday, because we are the reason their hair goes grey. Well, that’s what my mom used to tell me. This will be the third Mother’s Day without my mom, but my siblings and I use this day to go place flowers on her resting place. Also, we use this time to pick and joke with each other, because that’s what would do when all of us were together with her. It’s our thing. Afterwards, we have a family Mother’s Day dinner to attend. I’m also going to use this dinner to break out this floral dress that I haven’t worn, yet. I bought it from Macy’s a couple of months ago, but it’s too pretty for work and opted for floral pants for Easter. Plus, a floral dress is perfect for Mother’s Day dinner or Mother’s Day brunch.

For this eStylist look, I decided to create a look around a floral dress that’s pretty similar to mine. Pairing floral prints with nude accessories helps keep the attention on the dress.

eSTYLIST: Mother’s Day Brunch 2017

eSTYLIST Mother's Day Brunch 2017

Jacquard Sheer Panel Prom DressNude Pointy Toe PumpRose Gold Mirrored ClutchDrop Hoop EarringsBeveled Cuff Bracelet


I hope you and yours have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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