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Swooning for…J. Aldridge Tall Wedge Lace Boot

I am really into boots this season! Tall, short, flat, or heeled. I need as many boots as my closet has room for.
Well, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes just released her second collection with Urban Outfitters, which includes these tall wedge lace boots that are really spectacular to me.
I love the old romantic feel to them as well as the contrasting of the two colors. I’m yearning for these boots!
By the by, if you haven’t stopped by Jane’s uber fashion editorial-esque pictures filled site, Sea of Shoes, then you definitely are not in the loop! Plus, she was on last night’s episode of The City and featured in the upcoming issue of Elle.
Stay Stylish!

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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

I knew my wallet and credit card was speaking to me for a reason this weekend. Its because Nordstrom’s always lovely and fulfilling half-yearly sale starts today! I’ve already scored a couple of Juicy Couture totes I’m gifting this holiday season for my sisters, but I know I’m gonna do some more shopping this week over there.
I’ve said before and I’m saying it again… I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!
Stay Stylish!

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Gift Guide 2009…No Mas NYC Sports and Culture Store


When it comes to shopping for a sport fans, it can be pretty easy to just grab some apparel from their favorite sport’s team and gift it up.


However, there are times when the sports fan on your shopping  list needs and wants a little more flavor and style. Well, I have found a pretty awesome spot  called No Mas that sells sport and culture apparel such as tees, sweatshirts, and hats, which features unique sport theme apparel. Plus, they also sell some artwork that features the Greatest of All Time Mr. Ali himself.

If you interested in more about the No Mas, then visit their website or for all my NYC readers, you can stop by their actual store! Lucky.

Stay Stylish!

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Stained Couture’s Holiday Gift Guide 2009 begins!

It’s November, already? Wow, this year has definitely gone by quickly! Well, since it’s November, you know what that means around here at Stained Couture….Holiday Gift Guide 2009!

Yes, chicas, I’m about to start rolling out gift ideas to help make your shopping easier to conquer this season.
Not only am I going to lead and introduce you new items and gifting ideas, but I’m also going to try and keep you up to date on the latest salivating sales and deals retailers are going to have sprouting up for the next couple of months! We all need those, right?!

I’ve already got a folder worth of information to share with you. So, try to stop by Stained Couture as much as possible for help…and maybe a few fabulous giveaways! Shh…you didn’t hear that from me.

Stay Stylish!

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Swooning for…Pharaoh Headband


I’ve already received a couple of invites for parties this holiday season. Why so early? I don’t know, but I do know that my go-to color this season will be black and dark blue dresses and pieces. You know what that means, dazzling accessories!

To compensate for a simple color wardrobe I plan to stock up on dazzling accessories and I think I’m going to start at the top with this Pharaoh headband by New York Nat from their Egyptian Holiday Collection. How pretty and elegant! This will be perfect for my winter hair look of soft and bouncy curls I plan to debut around Thanksgiving. Yep, this is a definite must have for my holiday wardrobe!

Stay Stylish!

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