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ShopBop Sale Going On NOW!

Yesterday, Shopbop started one of their massively insane sales and about half of the items I wanted are already gone. So, in case you haven’t checked it out or haven’t bought the things on your list, HURRY UP NOW!

Shopbop Sale Fall 2017

Now that fall is here, I suggest you use this sale to help plump up the awesome fall wardrobe we all deserve. Okay, ladies, let’s get in formation and hit this sale HARD. All the details of the Shopbop 3-Day sale are below. Happy Shopping!



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wants

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the big sales that people wait for all year. Actually, I bought my first Michael Kors oversized watch from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Well, the sale is being opened tomorrow to the public after being only exclusive to Nordstrom card carriers for the past week.

2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wants

During my breakfast this morning, I took a look at the items that are left. Luckily, there’s still some good stuff available at great prices. So, here are must-have items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Keep reading to see my picks.

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What I Need From Target Right Now

In yesterday’s newsletter, I shared some of my favorite ways I shop at Target without going broke. Target, one of the happiest places on earth, can be a tricky place for you and you wallet to end up. However, it’s one of those places that you find yourself needing to go to frequently, because there are always things you need from Target.

things I need from Target right now

Personally, I used to find myself in Target 1-2 times a week, which doesn’t sound that bad. However, when you mysteriously spend $100+ each trip when you only needed about 2% of the things you bought, it can get very problematic. Eventually, I was able to cut those 1-2 times a week Target runs to 1-2 times a month. Once I stuck to those tips I shared in yesterday’s newsletter, I no longer spent over $200 a month on stuff I didn’t need. However, at this moment, there are a few things that I need from Target. Keep reading to see what and why I need these things.

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GIFT GUIDE 2016: for Dapper Men

gifts for dapper men

Welcome back to Stained Couture’s Gift Guide 2016! In this edition, it’s all about gifts for dapper men. As I’ve said before, I usually have a hard time shopping for men. However, this year, I think I have plenty of ideas for the men on my Christmas list. All I have to do now is narrow down who gets what.

To see the list of items that might be perfect for that well-dressed man who loved to look and live stylishly, keep reading.

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