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Adult Advent Calendars for the Holidays

One of my favorite holiday traditions are advent calendars. Growing up, my parents didn’t do advent calendars and I didn’t even know they were a thing until I was in my late teens. However, I think that they are pretty cool and fun to use to countdown to Christmas. I bought one for one of my nephews for his first Christmas and now my sister gets him one every year since. As for me, I’m all about adult advent calendars.

Yes, there are advent calendars that cater to adults, which mostly contain bottles of wine or liquor for every day leading up to Christmas. However, there are some other adult advent calendars that contain non-alcoholic beverages.

Adult Advent Calendars | STAINED COUTURE

Keep reading to see some advent calendars for adults. FYI, if you see one that you want, you better order it fast. Adult advent calendars sell out every year.

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What’s In My Amazon Cart #1

I’m not one of those people that orders from Amazon all the time – unless I need it ASAP and can’t find it locally. Instead, I’m one of those people that will sporadically add products to their Amazon cart and then BOOM – place the order. Doing it this way allows me to a.) Do one big shipment and B.) Confirm that I actually want the product. Yes, I frequently curate my cart, which usually happens when I add a new item.

What's In My Amazon Cart #1 | STAINED COUTURE

The first thing in my Amazon cart that I definitely plan to buy are these wet face wipes. Sounds weird, but wait for it. The face wipes are Ursa Major Essential face wipes, which are not your typical face wipes. I’m sure when most people think of face wipes, they think of the ones that help you clean your face. However, these face wipes are made with bamboo and cleanse, exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate your skin. Plus, they are individually wrapped face wipes, which makes them great for on-the-go cleansing. Personally, I’m planning to keep a few in the fridge to use first thing in the morning. I hear this will give an instant feel of ice rolling my face. Exciting.

My current skincare product obsession is hydrating toners. The older I get, the more my skin craves hydration. Actually, no matter if your skin is normal, dry, oily, or combination – you should consider adding a hydrating toner. For the past month, I’ve been using a rosewater toner, which is hydrating, but I’m ready to upgrade to this PCA Hydrating toner. The price is a little steep for a toner, but the recommendations and reviews make it seem like a deal.

The next product in my cart is an interesting one and the latest thing I’ve added. My weight has been fluctuating for the last couple of years, which has caused me to lose some elasticity on my face. The main area where this has been annoying me is my double chin area. The area is not as full as it used to be (Thank God.), but it’s sagging. Some of my favorite everyday gracefully aging lifestyle bloggers on IG have been talking about these chin lift pads(?) and I want in. Courtney Kerr of shared one that gave her great results, but it’s sold out. However, I did find these double chin reducers that slim the face from another brand. The reviews are good, so it’s in my cart. Please note that these face masks are a temporary fix, which makes them ideal to use before special events and/or photo ops.

Finally, these sunglasses have been patiently waiting for me to pull the trigger and it’s almost time. Actually, these are another recommendation from Courtney, because she said these are a legit dupe for Celine shades. Since buying a pair of $400 sunglasses doesn’t fit in my financial goals for this year, these dupes are at the top of my list. They come in different colors, but all black is my vibe.

Do you let products accumulate in your Amazon cart or do you instantly order products?

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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019: Fun Gifts for All

STAINED COUTURE’S Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Fun Gifts for All


Happy final Friday before Christmas! At the last possible minute, I decide to do one more gift guide. This will probably be my last gift guide of the season and I sure hope so. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m ready for Christmas to come and leave. Usually, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas zooms by – not this year. To me, it feels like Thanksgiving was 2 months ago and not just a few weeks ago.

Anyway. My final gift guide is a small list of fun items for almost anyone on your list. PLUS, you can find most of them on Amazon for fast shipping before Christmas. If not, you may find some similar gifts locally. Take a look and get some last minute inspiration.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019: Fun Gift for All

  • Margarita Glass Bottle – I thought that this glass bottle was so cute! Perfect for that person on your list that lives for #TacoTuesday.
  • Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle – We need to bring puzzles back, because they can be distracting – in a good way. The person who loves to find  away to unwind with something relaxing like a book or adult coloring books would love this puzzle. Plus, the final product would make a great piece of instant art to hang on the wall.
  • Polaroid Festive Starter Set – When Polaroid cameras came back a couple of years ago, I was stoked. They are the perfect mix of retro vibes and fun times. Everybody from a selfie-taking-lover to a person that loves nostalgia would love to get this camera kit.
  • Glass Monopoly board game – Speaking of retro, Monopoly will always be a top favorite family game to play for all ages. It’s even better to play as an adult, because you now know the value in real estate. As a child, it was just nice to get colorful fake money from your parents landing on your property with a billion hotels on it. This glass version of the iconic game looks more luxe, but just as fun for everyone.
  • Taco vs Burrito game – Who doesn’t look a silly game that all ages can play? Well, I do and this Taco vs Burrito is all the right blend of stupid and silly, but not childish.
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Currently Shopping For 3 Random Things

Get ready for a humble brag. For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing very good on my journey to shop less and save more. However, despite me doing amazing with shopping less and saving more, I still have urges. When it comes to shopping, I only buy things that I need, which has been hard to do while in Target buying tissue and paper towels. I’m currently shopping for three random things that I need now or in the very near future.

Currently Shopping for Three Random Things | STAINED COUTURE

There are three things in particular that I’m searching for and they are either very random or “out there”. However, if you’re interested, keep reading.

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