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Amazon Fall Wishlist 2023

Amazon Fall Wishlist 2023

Amazon Fall Wishlist 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

Listen, was I one of the people annoyed that people acted like Fall began on August 1st? Absolutely. However, am I also a fan of “If you can’t beat them; join them”? Absolutely, as well.

I’m so ready to get in the festive spirit of Fall! It also helps that the weather has been very gloomy and chill. All of this has caused me to start feeling the vibe and filling up my Amazon cart with things I want for fall.

Check out the items that are currently in my Amazon cart in preparation for Fall 2023.

Amazon Fall Wishlist 2023

  • Sup Witches Door Mat – The perfect way to welcome fall is with a seasonal mat. However, I’m a kill 2 birds with one stone type of girl and this halloween one will get me to November.
  • Wood Therapy Massage Tools – My fav Tracee Ellis Ross talked about using wood therapy to help tone her body and lymphatic drainage. I immediately added this kit of wood massage to my cart.
  • Cauldron Wax Burner – Last¬† year, I started getting to cauldron for Halloween. So, this wax burner in the shape of a cauldron needs to burning my fall wax melts.
  • Plus Size Denim Trouser Pants – I mentioned thatI wanted a pair of denim trouser pants for my Spring 2023 uniform, but this pair looks more tailored and perfect for Fall.
  • Boar Hair Body Brush Set – I’ve been wanting to step up my self care by adding body brushing. I’ve done it in the past and it was so good, but I needed more brush size and lenght options. So, this set is perfect.
  • Heeled Chunky Loafers – It’s Fall – of course, there’s loafer in the mix! Plus, these would look cute with a pencil or a-line skirt.

What’s currently in you Amazon cart? Share below!

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AMAZON PRIME DAY 2023: Beauty Buys

AMAZON PRIME DAY 2023: Beauty Buys


Amazon Prime Day 2023 is finally here! If you’ve been living under a rock with no wi-fi for the last decade, here’s a brief description. Prime Day is when people practically everything is on sale on Amazon. I’m not talking a little measely 5% off, but you can some items for over 50% off. Everything from clothes, toys, and even electronics are marked on sale.

Personally, I used this sale to stock up on producsts that I love and hardly ever on sale. So, here is my list of products that I swear by and buy all the time.

AMAZON PRIME DAY 2023: Beauty Buys

  • Neutrogena Mineral Sunscreen Stick – Honestly, Neutrogena is my go-to drugstore sunscreen, but I recently picked up their minral sunscreen stick to keep in my car. It’s great for quick touch-up throughout the day and easy to us.
  • Dermaflage Mineral Foundation Powder – FYI, I work for this company, but this is not a sponsored. However, this is my everyday makeup powder because it has rally good coverage, waterproof, and has SPF 26. This provides me enough coverage to wear on “good skin” days or over a just a little concealer for those blemish days.
  • Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum – One of the best dark spot correcting products I’ve ever used. Also, this stuff workd fast, because I noticed change in a couple of weeks on acne marks from my teen years.
  • COSRX Snail Mucin Travel Set -I’m a huge fan of the snail mucin essence and moisturizer. This travel kit is a great way to try this iconic line. I’m getting it for my upcoming vacation.
  • Bioderma Micellar Water – Hands down my favorite micellar water, because it’s for sensitive skin. Therfore, it actually feels like water and I always use it to remove my eye makeup.
  • Mighty Patch Duo Kit – Whenever I want to get rid of a pimple fast, I throw on one of these mighty pimple patched. They usually disappear or rise to easily pop. I highly recommend the variety kit, because it has every option you would need.
  • Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer – I may have been a little exra giddy when I saw this moisturizer was part of Amazon prime day. It was an immediate add to cart moment. This moisurizer is super hydrating, but really light and easily melts into the skin.
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Adult Advent Calendars for the Holidays

One of my favorite holiday traditions are advent calendars. Growing up, my parents didn’t do advent calendars and I didn’t even know they were a thing until I was in my late teens. However, I think that they are pretty cool and fun to use to countdown to Christmas. I bought one for one of my nephews for his first Christmas and now my sister gets him one every year since. As for me, I’m all about adult advent calendars.

Yes, there are advent calendars that cater to adults, which mostly contain bottles of wine or liquor for every day leading up to Christmas. However, there are some other adult advent calendars that contain non-alcoholic beverages.

Adult Advent Calendars | STAINED COUTURE

Keep reading to see some advent calendars for adults. FYI, if you see one that you want, you better order it fast. Adult advent calendars sell out every year.

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What’s In My Amazon Cart #1

I’m not one of those people that orders from Amazon all the time – unless I need it ASAP and can’t find it locally. Instead, I’m one of those people that will sporadically add products to their Amazon cart and then BOOM – place the order. Doing it this way allows me to a.) Do one big shipment and B.) Confirm that I actually want the product. Yes, I frequently curate my cart, which usually happens when I add a new item.

What's In My Amazon Cart #1 | STAINED COUTURE

The first thing in my Amazon cart that I definitely plan to buy are these wet face wipes. Sounds weird, but wait for it. The face wipes are Ursa Major Essential face wipes, which are not your typical face wipes. I’m sure when most people think of face wipes, they think of the ones that help you clean your face. However, these face wipes are made with bamboo and cleanse, exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate your skin. Plus, they are individually wrapped face wipes, which makes them great for on-the-go cleansing. Personally, I’m planning to keep a few in the fridge to use first thing in the morning. I hear this will give an instant feel of ice rolling my face. Exciting.

My current skincare product obsession is hydrating toners. The older I get, the more my skin craves hydration. Actually, no matter if your skin is normal, dry, oily, or combination – you should consider adding a hydrating toner. For the past month, I’ve been using a rosewater toner, which is hydrating, but I’m ready to upgrade to this PCA Hydrating toner. The price is a little steep for a toner, but the recommendations and reviews make it seem like a deal.

The next product in my cart is an interesting one and the latest thing I’ve added. My weight has been fluctuating for the last couple of years, which has caused me to lose some elasticity on my face. The main area where this has been annoying me is my double chin area. The area is not as full as it used to be (Thank God.), but it’s sagging. Some of my favorite everyday gracefully aging lifestyle bloggers on IG have been talking about these chin lift pads(?) and I want in. Courtney Kerr of shared one that gave her great results, but it’s sold out. However, I did find these double chin reducers that slim the face from another brand. The reviews are good, so it’s in my cart. Please note that these face masks are a temporary fix, which makes them ideal to use before special events and/or photo ops.

Finally, these sunglasses have been patiently waiting for me to pull the trigger and it’s almost time. Actually, these are another recommendation from Courtney, because she said these are a legit dupe for Celine shades. Since buying a pair of $400 sunglasses doesn’t fit in my financial goals for this year, these dupes are at the top of my list. They come in different colors, but all black is my vibe.

Do you let products accumulate in your Amazon cart or do you instantly order products?

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