Tips to Create Productive Work Day

Happy Monday! I’m a get mood today, because I’m feeling productive AF! One of the first things I aspire to do each day is have a productive work day. It’s the ultimate goal each day I wake and begin my day. I will admit, that sometimes, no matter how much effort I put into it, all my days aren’t product. However, for the most part, they are. After so many trial and errors, I feel like I’ve finally figured out the steps create productive work day.

create productive work day

If you need help increasing your productivity at work or even school, you might be able to benefit from these tips. Keep reading to see how I have a productive day at work.

How To Create Productive Work Day:

  1. Start Moving ASAP – I enjoy spending my first 30 minutes of the laying in bed and scrolling through social media. However, doing that is not only a waste of time, but it doesn’t serve any purpose. Instead, as soon as I wake up, I hop out of bed, do a few stretches and start moving around¬† my house. Recently, I’ve been trying to do some quick exercises in the morning, but that’s a work in progress. Still, moving around not only wakes your body up, but also your mind. Even if it’s just taking my dogs outside, if it requires me to use my legs, I do it.
  2. Filling Breakfast – I’m not a breakfast person…at all. However, a few months ago, I read that your biggest meal of the day should be your first meal and then each meal gets smaller throughout the day. Another work in progress, but when I do this; I’m less hungry throughout the day and I’m not tired. Therefore, I have more energy to complete my daily tasks.
  3. Daily To-do List – Speaking of tasks, one of the best things that I’ve incorporated into my life in the past year is to make and follow daily to-do list for work. Before I leave work, I write a list of all the things I need to do the next day. When I get to work the next day, I highlight the 2-4 top priority items that I need to finish first. Once a task is completed, I highlight it with another color to let me know that it’s completed. Also, I micro manage my time. For example, I schedule the first 30 minutes of my work day to answer emails and prep customer content. I do this first, because it’s usually a quick task and slowly gets me into the groove. Also, since I have the somewhat luxury to be able to work on my side hustles (i.e. blogging) while at work, I schedule an hour in the morning and the hour after my break to work on those. Sometimes, I’m using it to write blog posts (like this one) or I use it to research information for some of my other endeavors.
  4. Water, Water, Water – I used to have 2-4 cups of coffee a day at work, because I thought it energized me. I was wrong, because the “high” only lasted it so long. So, I stick to one cup of coffee a day, which I usually consume in the morning while checking emails. For the rest of my work day, I consume nothing but water. A former co-worker gifted me an insulated travel mug that holds 2.5 liters of liquid. I fill this jug up with ice and water every morning and drink it throughout the day. There have even been some days when I have to fill it up again in the afternoon. On those days, I feel gratified with my water intake, but I have more bathroom breaks to take.
  5. Get Up Frequently – This is easy to do considering all the water I drink. However, even without the need for frequent bathroom breaks, I try to get up every hour or so. I just started setting a timer to remind me to get up. It’s never healthy to sit a computer chair for hours straight. If I don’t need to take a bathroom break, I use this time to go add some more water to my jug or stop by another co-workers office or cubicle for a quick chat. Anything that allows me to push myself away from my desk is a must.

There you have, the main things I do to help me create a productive work day. If you have tips or suggestions, please share them below.

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