Creating A Vibe in Your Space

Earlier this week, I took a couple of personal days off from work to recoup from a hectic work week and Easter weekend. It was definitely one of the best decisions I made in a while, because I was able to to just relax and unwind. However, I did use some of this time to do some long overdue cleaning, organizing, and home styling. For me, when I’m thinking about styling my home, I look at it as creating a vibe. When I think about the vibe I want to create, I think about what I usually do in that space and how I can enhance my happiness when in said space.

Creating A Vibe In Your Space

Of course, everyone’s aesthetic is different. However, there are some core elements that almost anyone can use to help make their space more in tune with their overall vibe. Keep reading to see what items anyone can use to set up their ideal space.

Creating A Vibe: Scents

My favorite way to set any mood is through scents. Most people do by lighting their favorite candle, including me. However, I don’t “light candles”; I ignite my inner fire with a scent. On most weekend mornings, I light a citrus scent candle. My go-to citrus candles are the lemon candle from Bath and Body Work or the NEST grapefruit candle. Citrus scents are great to help awaken you and give you some energy while waiting for your coffee.

Currently, I’ve been enjoying the soft and sensual scent of roses. Every since I started using a rose scented serum, I’ve been obsessed with the scent. I have a few rose scented candles, but I’ve been experimenting with using rose oil in my oil diffuser. This the scent that my bedroom smells like, because I diffuse my room before bed. It’s like falling asleep in a lush rose garden.

Creating A Vibe: Visuals

When you hear “visuals”, I might instantly think about art. However, in this case, I mean more than art. Visuals can include comfortable furniture, decluttered areas, and home decor. Whatever you can see that can positively influence your mood and vibe that you’re exuding. Personally, my overall vibe goal is to relaxed happiness and I can’t reach that goal in clutter. So, I make sure the are area is clean, clutter-free, and calming. I can’t be calm laying next to a table stacked with mail and empty bottle of water.

Creating A Vibe: Life

People, plants, and pets; all the ways to add life to your vibe. Whether it’s a loved one or pet, sometimes it’s nice to vibe out with a fellow warm blooded creature. However, if you’re all about that “solo dolo” life, the addition of a hypnotic fish tank is a nice addition. Also, as an aspiring plant lady, having a plant or five adds instant life to any room.

What an essential item you need in your space to create your mood?

*Main Image Source: Apartment Therapy

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